Is BlueStacks Safe to Use? Can I Install This Android Emulator?

BlueStacks is perhaps the most popular softwares which allows users to run Android applications on their personal computers. Currently it is available for two operating systems: Microsoft Windows and  AmericaApple’s anmacOS. Using android applications on a computer can be more useful than it seems. The ability to configure your personal computer seamlessly to emulate the Android platform and run Android applications is not only a convenience but it can be used to create a cloud-based cross-platform ecosystem of devices. But, all the functionality which BlueStacks brings along with itself is accompanied by user scepticism and it all boils down to one question- Is BlueStacks Safe?

In this article we would be addressing all the general concerns associated with BlueStacks and at the end of it, also teach you how to install BlueStacks on your PC. Read along to find out more.

Is BlueStacks Really Safe?

The following are the general concerns which people have regarding BlueStacks. We will take one concern at a time and try and clear all the doubts.

Concern #1. Why does BlueStacks prompt to disable Antivirus

So, no denying that the BlueStacks installer asks you to disable your Antivirus when you try to install the application on your system. But the reason for this is the over-protective nature of your security suite which often prevents the BlueStacks installation from completing successfully. Several third party security applications such as McAfee and Avast detects the main BlueStacks executable file as a threat. Which, trust me is nothing but a false positive.

Concern #2. Why does BlueStacks use so much CPU memory

People have often reported that BlueStacks software often hangs and crashes while they are using them. This leads to suspicion that is BlueStacks actually being used for crypto-mining or some other illegal activity as such. But the fact that you are trying to emulate the Android environment on a computer’s operating system will obviously lead to a higher memory requirement due to the fact that they have completely different architectures. Thus a crashing or hanging of the system is actually very normal.

Concern #3. Is BlueStacks Legal?

The final concern regarding BlueStacks due to its cross-platform nature is regarding its legality. This is because using other emulators such as Nintendo or Gameboy emulators is illegal.  Such emulators actually include software copies of physical games inside the system hardware ROM in order to work. This is actually a form of piracy, and hence, illegal. However, this is not the case with BlueStacks. There are two major reasons for this. One, BlueStacks has a different environment to work with. And two, Android is completely open source. You might argue that Google apps are Google’s own property. But BlueStacks actually doesn’t violate any policies.

BlueStacks even comes pre-bundled with Google Play Store. This points to an agreement between the two parties such that BlueStacks platform will be treated as any other Android device without any discrimination whatsoever.

Is BlueStacks Safe? – Conclusion

So to sum it up, we can have a definitive conclusion that Yes, Bluestacks is completely Safe. No evidence has been found regarding BlueStacks’ association with of malware, spyware or crypto-mining. BlueStacks is 100% safe. All of its security certificates are legally signed and no other secondary applications are ever bundled with the software.

How to download, install and set-up BlueStacks?

  • Ony any web browser of your choice such as Edge, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox etc.
  • Click on the Address bar and type “” (without the quotes)
  • Press the “Enter”.

  • Select the Download BlueStacks button.

  • You will now be  will navigated to the download page, and your software will downloading.

  • Once download begins, you will be prompted  with two options: to  save the .exe file in your Downloads folder or specify a custom location for the downloaded file to be saved.
  • After the download is complete, click on the BlueStacks installer .exe file.

  • Now click on “Install now” button to start the installation process.

  • The set up will now start to download/extract the necessary files to be installed.

  • The installation may take up to 5 minutes depending on your PC and memory available.

  • After the first boot is complete, you will be asked to fill a Google Sign-in form in order to add your account or you may choose to add it later.
  • If you choose to add the account, type in your email address synchronised with your Google account and click on next.

  • Now enter your password and hit next once more. You are good to go now.

Final Take!

I hope that this article helped you learn all about BlueStacks and cleared all your doubts regarding your safety. In case you have any more questions, feel free to comment down below and we would reply to you with an answer as soon as possible.
I hope you found the article informative and enjoyed reading it. This is all for the day. Thanks for reading!

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