5 Research-Backed Tips for Effective Video Marketing

Research shows that video content is winning for all kinds of businesses. Studies in this field reveal that more and more businesses have to use videos to demonstrate themselves online.

Research also has it that 64% of marketers agree that videos are the most effective forms of marketing content online. Half of these respondents also agree that they must come up with engaging videos to develop their business.

Results put forward by studies have more and more brands using videos for marketing their products and services on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. And yes, they also see success in this endeavor.

Now that you have a clear idea of the status of videos in the eyes of businessmen and marketers, here are some research-backed tips that can help you bring your video marketing plan right to the forefront.

1. Have Your Focus on the Narration

Now, this is one rule that does not only applies to videos but all forms of marketing. Your main objective behind making a marketing video should be engaging and inspiring the customers.

You must work on striking this balance instead of making the clients feel like they are being manipulated or bogged down by ads. Go for relatable narratives because this catches desired attention. That’s because people make their decisions emotionally.

Add value to the lives of your audience by offering real advice. Or you can even spark a very strong and influential emotional connection. Research in this field has brought out results suggesting the power of storytelling.

People always like to buy from brands that incorporate stories in their marketing videos. Of course, you must use plain and simple text to explain the usefulness of your products and services but do not forget to emphasize the narrative of the branding.

Constantly bombarding the viewers with product advertisements will make them tired. Instead, create stories that will catch the interest of the viewers. Turning off clients simply because of sales-oriented promotions or ads will not create the right brand image.

Have this in mind and get going with your video promotions!

2. Have the 10-Second Rule in Mind

As a marketing professional or business marketer, you need to understand that your video must have an immediate hook to stay in the viewers’ minds. The look and the feel of your video hardly matter. What really matters is its ability to keep the audience hooked.

Make sure to engage the viewers within the first few seconds. These few seconds are potentially the first ten seconds. Popular studies claim that the modern users of the internet have a very short attention span.

People these days are so immensely flooded with online content of different varieties that they have become quite discerning and selective in what matters to them or what interests them the most.

And yes, people select their videos online very quickly, giving marketers no time to connect to them if their content is not informative and engaging. So, if you really want your video content to draw in customers or viewers, work on:

  • Proving product value and advantage by showing end result at the beginning
  • Asking an appealing question
  • Providing a promised solution
  • Using words like what if and imagine

Hooking people in the first few seconds of your video might be a little intimidating. But once you are successful in doing this, nothing can stop you from soaring to great heights of success.

3. Define Your Objectives

Creating a video simply because you need to make one is nothing but a complete waste of time, resources, and effort. You must make a marketing video with a firm objective in mind. Having a goal when strategizing, shooting, and marketing your video is important for your video marketing success.

Starting from the correct place and knowing what exactly you want to achieve from your video will help you set proper measurable targets. This will further help you in assessing the success of your video marketing campaign.

Without a proper objective, you will simply end up wasting time, money, and resources on a video that will not bring in any results. When setting your video marketing objectives, you must consider important metrics: watch time, play rate, comments, shares, likes, traffic sources, click-through rate, and viewer demographics.

These will also help you in evaluating the performance of your video marketing campaign.

4. Plan Video Promotion Like a Pro

Simply coming up with a creative, informative, and engaging video will not work wonders in marketing your brand, products, and services. What’s more important is making an engaging video and promoting it on the right platform so you have an extended reach.

You know successful videos do not grab success just by chance. Such videos are parts of marketing plans, including where they need to be promoted to catch the target audience’s attention.

Now you have varied choices here. You can promote your video content through feature articles, blog posts, promoted posts, YouTube channels, newsletters, joint ventures, and regular updates.

The openings are unlimited, and you can grab instant success using them for your promotions, provided you plan and create your video in the right way. As far as your videos are concerned, try to polish the way they look and feel to the audience by editing them smartly.

For this, you can use a video editor like InVideo that will help you in giving a different kind of appeal to your marketing videos. According to video marketing professionals, businesses should spend more time marketing their videos and less time making them.

Planning the promotion of your video way ahead of making it guarantees sure-shot results.

5. Have Your Focus on Building Audience

Research on all verticals shows that there is an increase in marketers every year who agree that their organization completely focuses on building an audience through video marketing.

This alone proves the significance of creating content that catches the target audience’s attention and transforms them into prospective buyers.

Summing Up

There is no need for you to spend a humongous amount of money and time creating some of the greatest marketing videos. No, not at all called for! Simply follow these research-backed tips from industry experts, and you will be the first one to reap the advantages of your hard work.


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