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Do you remember the original Xbox from years and years ago? It appears as though the console has grew dim of people’s memories as greater and more brilliant things have its spot, for example, the Xbox 360 just after it, trailed by the Xbox One, and now, the Xbox One X. Yet, in the event that you need to at present play with the first Xbox, there is a way that you can: through an emulator. Emulators are extraordinary, on the grounds that they enable you to, well, copy the experience of the first Xbox. With an emulator, you’ll have the option to play the majority of your most loved Xbox recreations — Star Wars: The Old Republic, the original Battlefront games, Battlefield, and so on!Xbox

The best part about having Xbox Emulator on Android smartphone is that you can take it anyplace you need. The Xbox console may appear to be an actually prominent ground-breaking machine with some huge Hardware components. However, you will be satisfied to hear that the hardware of your Android smartphone is sufficiently amazing as well and can be utilized as Xbox console. It can without much of a stretch run Xbox 360 Games on Android effortlessly.

Xbox Emulators

Running XBox Games on Android

Although one purpose behind having Xbox Emulator on Android may presumably be similar to that I have referenced previously. While the other reason is the cost viability and getting a enjoyment of playing same games without paying any huge cost for the high-tech console. Only one out of many of us has the capability to spend such whole amount of money for a console. In this manner it is ideal to have an emulator that will engage you until you need something new. You don’t need to toss the Xbox out of your home when you don’t need it just erase the emulator from your phone to make space for new interests.

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Installing Xbox Emulator on Android

To try and introduce a Xbox emulator, there are a couple of things you should know. To start with, they aren’t accessible on the Google Play Store by any stretch of the imagination. This is generally a direct result of the hold that Microsoft has on the first Xbox. You can discover emulators for various consoles by the drove on the Google Play Store, just not for the Xbox.

All things considered, to get a Xbox Emulator on your Android device, you should download an APK from the Internet — this is an Android application, yet not one that was endorsed for the Google Play Store, so continue at your very own risk.

To download an APK from an unapproved source, we have to change a few Settings inside our Android Smartphone. In case you’re running Android 4.0 or higher, head into the Settings application. Look down to the Security tab, and after that ensure “Unknown Sources” is checked. This will enable you to download and introduce any APK off of the Internet onto your Device.

Remember that you ought to be careful about what APKs you are downloading off of the Internet. Some can be infected by malware and possibly taint your smartphone; But, do take note of that, generally, you are safe from stuff this way. This is on the grounds that Android utilizes a “sandbox” kind of mechanism to keep malware and viruses contained — this keeps them from going different pieces of your device and decimating your working framework on Android.

How to install the APK

Before heading towards installing the APK you have to change some settings mentioned below.

  1. Go to the settings and then into security section, there you have to enable the unknown sources option.Xbox Emulators
  2. After this you are ready to download the Xbox Emulator for Android. Nothing to worry as there is nothing risky in this!.
  3. After downloading Xbox Emulator apk, the next thing you have to do is to install it on your smartphone. Once you’ve done that you have completed the installation. Now, reboot your device. And you are completely ready to enjoy your Xbox games on Android.

Best Xbox Emulators for Android

Some links from where you can download XBox Emulators for android are given below.

    1. Mega File Sharing
    2. Media Fire
    3. APK Pure
    4. Mods APK download
    5. Android Crush

Games and There Controls

One thing that is worth keeping in mind is that the original Xbox is from a completely different era. It is from a time when people weren’t even thinking about using the touch controls in games that we come into contact with everyday now. Many games that you will play on this emulator might feel a little wonky or might not even work properly. It would be better if you grab a Bluetooth (or wired) Xbox controller for Android devices (don’t worry there are adapters that make this possible too), make sure that you use an original Xbox controller

You can find games for Xbox emulators here — before downloading ensure that the game is compatible with Android first (each game will tell you about it).


By following the steps mentioned above, you will be able to successfully download and install an Xbox Emulator for your Android smartphone. There are only a few original Xbox emulators in the market because of all the red tape, but this one should work for you just fine.

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