10 Hobbies That Can Make You Serious Money 

You may be looking at getting into a new hobby to pass the time, or maybe it’s to make a bit more dosh for that side project that you’ve had in the back of your mind for so long now. Either way, why not turn a burgeoning hobby into a cash revenue stream?  


Years ago, parents were nagging their children to get off the computer and go play outside, and now they are paying tutors to give kids an edge against the competition in the hopes of a shot at a lucrative gaming contract, setting their children up financially for life. Through player contracts, merchandise, sponsorships and the prize money up for grabs, there are millions to be made by top players these days.

Online Gambling

Online gambling was once a tiny share of the gambling take, but with the advent of mobile phones and mobile applications, placing bets and spinning the wheel could not be easier or more accessible than it is today. Whether you are in a queue, waiting for someone, or even on the loo, a few games can be quickly squeezed in anywhere. Sites like onlinecasinos.co.uk are a good place to begin, offering you a great guide to those quick pay-outs, the £10 no deposit bonus incentives, and the massive jackpots that not only entertain but can change a lucky recipient’s life quickly. To get you started, they have a list of those that offer a £10 no deposit bonus online.


The rise of music and video streaming websites, such as Bandcamp and YouTube, allow independent artists a direct platform to their potential audiences like never before. Those with the talent and personality to thrive in this industry need to put themselves out there on these platforms and grasp the greater public’s attention through as creative a means as they can muster. The more people that might talk about what they have seen or heard, the more likely it is that the creator’s name will travel with it. Fame in this industry is largely about how vocal your supporters are.


J.K Rowling wrote the Harry Potter series and was turned away by 12 publishers before someone saw merit in the magic she had created. E.L James’ success stemmed from her writing Twilight fanfiction. Other than being a therapeutic and cathartic experience, writing can enamour others and direct a slew of revenue right into your coffers, should you pick a topic that can capture the imagination or curiosity of the people. As long as you are writing about a topic you enjoy, your hobby should never feel like work.


Therapy and exercise have often been enjoyed by the avid gardener, but with a bit of research and focus, you can turn your garden hobby into a massive enterprise. Through specific crop selection and catering to what people in your area are willing to buy, you can start growing money. There are a few exceptions to catering to your local palate, like the extremely profitable but finicky Crocus sativus that grows one of the most valuable plant products in the world, the Saffron stigmas used as spices.

Illustration and Design

Anyone can draw a picture, but very few can do it well, and even fewer can do it to appease the very subjective needs of a paying customer. If you find yourself spending time creating images and illustrations, and wowing your friends and family, then maybe it’s time to consider offering your illustration or design services to the public. 


With a trained eye and the right equipment, you may be the world’s next Ansel Adams and inspire the following generation of keen-eyed artists. Light, colour, and composition are all important factors in photography, but so is your audience. Focus on and develop a single avenue of photography and build the audience to support you and your craft. Taking your works to be displayed in the right places will be one of the factors that can propel you to photographic greatness through the publics support.

Arts and Crafts

YouTube and other video streaming services have launched arts and crafts to heights never before imagined. Professionals and enthusiasts are collaborating, assimilating and learning from each other and creating methods and crafts that may have only been possible in an engineer’s workshop years ago. Learning new crafts and coming up with never-before-seen products is now only limited by one’s imagination, and if you can tap into something that could appeal to the broader public, there may be big rewards for your time, imagination, and effort.

Buying and Selling

The internet has created a big opportunity for couch shoppers, and with the rise of so many marketplaces and dedicated buyers and sellers, there is a truly massive market out there for those informed and savvy enough to make a quick buck. Being able to instantly check the new and second-hand value of an item and being able to inspect that items’ recent market by value reviewing the volumes and prices that it has sold for, can quickly inform you if any profit can be made. There are also some truly magical deals to be found by those that are uninformed, uninterested, or unfortunately, desperate.

The Stock Market

The complex world of the stock market is for those who are good with numbers, and who have the money to risk it in this volatile, but extremely lucrative, market. Stock trading revolves around the buying and selling of stocks to time the market. Your activity in this is entirely dependent on you, whether you want to trade a few times a day or once in a while and track that single investment. All traders do extensive research to follow the markets, relying on technical stock analysis to help them chart the movements of that stock to discover any possible trading opportunities.

Whatever it is you may decide to spend your time on, make sure that it’s something that is not going to add stress to an already difficult day. A hobby should be a place for you to escape the dramas and tensions of your day-to-day life, but there is no reason not to make some money back, or even profit from your labour and passions.

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