League of Legends Won’t Open – Step by Step Guide

League of legends is a hugely popular online game / battle arena. It was developed and published by Riot studios and is available as a free / pay game for macOS and windows. Just like any other pretty popular game, this one also has a huge player base. And also like any other game, sometimes league of legends doesn’t open / run on PC’s of some unsuspecting players !

Well in this guide of ours we will be looking at some methods and fixes that we have compiled that will help you fix issues with LOL. Before we dive into them, let’s go through some reasons due to which league of legends doesn’t open.

Why league of legends doesn’t open on my PC ?

LOL was released in 2009. Games of those times were far more vulnerable to crash than game’s of today. Still the game sometimes doesn’t run due to Steam or Razer Synapse programs, might be some background process. It might be your firewall, because it’s a online game anyway. It can also be as simple as the game shortcut not working ! Some users have tried launching the game from the installation directory rather than the desktop shortcut. Lets check out the ways to fix the issue real quick..

Methods to fix “LOL” not opening

Fix 1. Open task manager and kill all processes related to LOL

Sometimes a piece of program in memory might be broken or not responding. The best remedy to this is to kill the process and start over again. To do this,

  • Open task manager on your PC by clicking ctrl+shift+Esc from anywhere
  • Navigate to the processes tab
  • You will need to find all the processes that start with “league of legends”
  • Then stop each and every one of them using the end task button on the lower right corner.

Just close all the tasks related to “LOL” . Once done, launch the game again. Now your game should be up and running as it should be !

2. Try to run the game from the installation folder

Sometimes the shortcut that you see on the desktop might not work. In that case you can try running the app from where it is installed. By default the installation folder is

C:\ Riot games\ League of legends

When you reach this location, then just launch the LeagueClient.exe and see if that works. If this fix starts working for you, then you can do it again whenever the problem re-occurs. Alternatively you can create a new shortcut of this application.

3. Delete the documents folder of league of legends

There is a document directory of this game which is known to be problematic. Fortunately, fixing it is as simple as deleting the folder. Simply find the following folder

C:\Users\YourName\Documents\League of Legends

  • Save the contents of the folder somewhere if you want to access them later on.
  • Now delete this folder.
  • After the folder has been deleted, try running the game again

Hopefully this fixes the league of legends doesn’t open issue for you.

4. Allowing the LeagueClient.exe file through your anti-virus

If your antivirus s holding the LeagueClient.exe file as a hostage , then you will not be able to run the game ! All you need to do is allow the LeagueClient.exe file through your antivirus.

  • Open your antivirus and click the settings tab
  • As this may be different for different antivirus programs, you will need to find the “allow an app” option by yourself.
  • Once you find this option, simply add the file which you want the antivirus to exclude. Which is the LeagueClient.exe
  • This file is found under C:\Users\YourName\Documents\League of Legends
  • Once the file is added to excluded list, just close all programs and try running the game again.

Alternatively, you can just simply disable the antivirus protection for sometime and try running the game again.

Either way, if the antivirus was causing the game load issues, they are fixed now.

5. Update your graphics drivers to fix league of legends doesn’t open

If the game was running correctly before and it suddenly just wont start for some reason, then you can almost skip this step. The issue might be something that we have mentioned above. But if yours is a fresh installation and it doesn’t work, then updating your graphics driver is a good bet. To do this,

  • Simply open device manager by typing “device manager” in start menu. You can also write devmgmt.msc in run menu
  • Either way, once the device manager opens, search for your display adapter ( your graphics card )
  • Right click on it to view details
  • Update the driver by selecting download and install drivers automatically
  • Once the drivers are updated, restart your PC


Once the PC restarts just run the game again to see if the league of legends doesn’t open issue goes away. Hopefully it does.

reinstall the game ,

6.Change user.cfg file in league of legends

Sometimes the game config file can be corrupt and cause all kinds of load errors. In that case the only way could be getting rid of the config file. To do that follow the steps given below.

  • Open League of Legends default installation directory and go to RADSsystem.
  • Locate the user.cfg file and open with some editor ( you can use ntepad++ )
  • Change leagueClientOptIn = yes to leagueClientOptIn = no.
  • Save and launch League of Legends again.

Other things that are worth trying

If nothing mentioned above fixes the league of legends doesn’t open issues for you, then try out these tricks to see if they work

  • Closing problematic applications like steam
  • Reinstalling the game. You can not lose your progress as it is saved with your account. So you can very well go ahead and re-install the game to fix issues with startup.

Wrapping up..

Hope you found our guide useful and you were able to solve startup issues with league of legends. Be sure to comment down below any other methods that worked for you. Cheers and peace.

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