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Every gamer may have craze on ESO where Bethesda’s introduced RPG game into the MMO world. Many of you have played this game for years and now you may looking for some interesting mods or addons to make the game more fun. The developers of the game introduced hundreds of addons in the community. In order to completely indulge yourself into the game, these addons will definitely help you out. And today, we will share you the list where you will get the details about the top 57 ESO addons.

50+ Best ESO Add-ons [2020 List]

To Change your character more interesting and to get into various levels you need add-ons. So here is the list for you to immerse in the game into a higher level. The list starts here.

1. Votan’sMinimap

If you are in the mid of some world definitely you will need a map to reach your target. And this Votan’sMinimap does the job of guiding you to the place where you wants to go. Explore the TESO’s world by just clicking on settings and then addons and next Votan’sminimap. This addon will no interfere with your gaming platform and HUD. The installation process is also easy where you get the help of minion to automatically install this addon.

2. Skyshards

Skyshards the most important thing in the ESO which found around the Tamriel. It is an interactive object where you will get 1 skill point for finding 3 objects. So discovering these objects will help you out and you can get the option to hide these Skyshards using maps. You can find nearly 16 objects in each and every zone of the game. The places you can find these are caves, dungeons, overland areas, etc.

3. Quest Map

If you are the passionate ESO player then you may wish to complete every quest before entering into the next. Here is the addon which helps you in your completion. This Quest map will sort out the completed, incomplete, and hidden quests to move further. You can also access to the quest that provides rewards points.

4. Destinations

From the name you may identify what this addon is. Yes, destinations will provide you the major points of the game on the map. You can easily locate the public dungeons, dolmens, Trial instances, solo dungeons, Mundus stones, area of interests, group delves and much more interesting places.

5. Lore Books

Collect Lore books which add in the list of your achievements as it holds the histories, songs of the world you are playing. It gives you the Mages Guild XP and where you can read and gain knowledge. You can find three types of lore books like collected Lorebooks, Unknown Lorebooks, and Eidetic Memory. It acts as the rewards for the explorers.

6. HarvestMap

It is one of the best ESO addons which displays the exact location of resources, fishing spots, flowers, herbs, hunting spots, chests, etc. It works by pinning the location where you got the resources which will remind you of the exact location during the journey. HarvestMap is the best addon for beginners to guide them easily.

7. Lost Treasure

Locate the treasure and surveys easily using the Lost Treasure add-on. You will also get the minimap along with this addon. You will face a lot of challenges to reach the treasures. The puzzles and tasks to reach the destination will quite interesting.

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8. Dungeon Tracker

Loot the things in dungeons available to make the game more interesting. Dungeon tracker will locate every dungeon you come across where you can experience a lot of fun.

9. Foundry Tactical Combat

It is one of the best addons which adds the combat data in your screen. It also has the Unit frames, on-screen damage, and buff tracking. FTC offers you the facility to create the traditional look to the game. It also has some advanced tracking options.

10. PvP Meter

It is really an interesting and exciting addon of ESO everyone should try. PvP comes with several mods where you will get plenty of data. You can know about your wins, losses, matches, etc. This will provide details about personal duels and battleground.

11. Advanced Filters

Find out the things you need by just using this filter option more easily. The normal filter has no specificity so most of you may bore on using this. So Advanced filters will give you the way to search for things more easily. It has the advantage of sub-filters where the inventories are in categories. 

Final Words

Here we come to the end of the blog. Above I have presented you with some details on ESO addon. But the list is too long which will take a long day to finish. So below I made a small list which holds 57 best and most preferable addons to you.

  1. Votan’sMinimap
  2. Skyshards
  3. Quest Map
  4. Destinations
  5. Lore Books
  6. HarvestMap
  7. Lost Treasure
  8. Dungeon Tracker
  9. Foundry Tactical Combat
  10. PvP Meter
  11. Votan’s Improved Locations
  12. Votan’s Improved Quests
  13. Combat Metrics
  14. Advanced Filters
  15. Furniture Catalogue
  16. ItemPreview
  17. FCM Quest Tracker
  18. Bag Space Indicator
  19. Itemization Browser
  20. Inventory Grid View
  21. Dressing Room Reborn
  22. Item Saver
  23. Master Merchant
  24. Multichart
  25. Votan’s rune Tooltip
  26. True Exploration
  27. AlphaGear 2
  28. Jumper
  29. Ingredients
  30. Reshade 3.0
  31. Potion Maker
  32. SALTI- Currency Totals
  33. Craftstore DB
  34. Awsome Guild Store
  35. Srendarr- Aura, Buff and Debuff Tracker
  36. pChat
  37. WPamA
  38. Harven’s Trait and Style
  39. Harven’s Improved Skills Window
  40. True Exploration
  41. Azurah- Interface Enhanced
  42. Kill Counter
  43. Raid Notifier
  44. Votan’s Fisherman
  45. Wykktd’s Full Immersion
  46. Bandits User Interface
  47. Dustman
  48. Urich’s Skill Point Finder
  49. Stop Right There
  50. CirconiansAddon Selector
  51. Binder
  52. Loot Log
  53. No, Thank You!
  54. insMobs2Level
  55. Map Pins
  56. Libsets
  57. PetZone

This is the end of my list on ESO addons but not the end for the addons created by the community. Hundreds of add-ons you will find in the ESO to explore the world of MMORPG. Just pick the best one and enjoy the fun in the game.

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