How to Take CompTIA Network+ Exam: Overview of Official Preparatory Tools

Have you already registered for the CompTIA Network+ certification exam also known as N10-007? Do you know what materials to use? You may have already spent hours searching on third-party websites and forums. But you understand that reliability is the main criterion of such resources, and not every site will offer you relevant and reliable materials. 

But don’t rush to get upset, because you probably didn’t know that the official vendor offers a range of training tools that are fully compliant with the program of this accreditation exam. And this article is about that.

CompTIA Network+ Exam Details

To begin with, you should understand that this exam is not an entry-level evaluation as it requires more than 9 months of networking experience and the CompTIA A+ accreditation. This will set you up for a good preparation for the final test which is designed to validate your knowledge of current networking technologies including cloud computing, virtualization techniques, and troubleshooting methodology.

Therefore, you cannot avoid learning, as you will have to score 720 points in a 90-minute test, which includes 90 questions of different formats. You can do this either at the official testing center or online, but either way, you must complete the registration process on the Pearson VUE website and pay the $338 fee. Don’t forget that an updated version of the exam, N10-008, will be available starting in September 2021

Quality Preparation With Official Materials

So back to the preparation process and the tools that work. Yes, there are plenty of tools online available to prepare for the N10-007 exam, and you can use whatever fits your training strategy. But still, consider what the vendor offers because in this case, you won’t worry about the quality and relevance of the information you get.

eLearning Through CompTIA CertMaster Learn

This is a convenient opportunity to study independently for the CompTIA Network+ evaluation at any time online thanks to a virtual program consisting of videos, tasks, flashcards, and intermediate practice test.

CompTIA Virtual Labs

The final test covers not only theoretical knowledge but also practical skills. Therefore, taking advantage of the virtual labs from CompTIA will be the right choice. This is because you will get access to real software environments and equipment, so you will be able to understand the topics in greater depth and develop your practical skills.

Instructor-Led Training

A 10-day training course led by an expert instructor is available to you. Classes are held on weekdays and cover all of the CompTIA Network+ exam objectives. This program also includes lab and hands-on sessions, focusing on a comprehensive approach to student learning.

Study Guide

This tool can be used at all stages of preparation and in conjunction with other training materials due to the clarity and structure of this edition. In this way, you can use the N10-007 guide to cover the exam topics and plan your time effectively. The study guide for the Network+ exam can be in the form of the printed edition or ebook.

Video Training

A great tool to help you determine your level of preparedness as well as identify gaps in your knowledge and have time to address them. You will also gain time management skills when taking practice tests, which will help you avoid unnecessary stress when taking the final exam under time constraints.

Performance-based Questions And The Final Test With CertMaster Learn

Practice questions with answers are among the great tools to help you determine your level of preparedness as well as identify gaps in your knowledge and fill them in. You will also gain time management skills when practicing them unlimited times. This will help you avoid unnecessary stress when taking the final exam under time constraints.

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As you can see, the vendor offers a variety of preparatory options that have different goals. So, you can always choose the ones that fit your needs and prepare well for the final qualifying exam and the CompTIA Network+ certification. The choice is yours!


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