23+ Best IO Games in 2020 – Trending & Free .io Games

.Io games are mostly known to folk as “online web browser based games” or “mini games” and a few other terms. Turns out, they aren’t entirely wrong though. They are the games that do run online and do run on the browser. Wanna find out what .io games mean and what are the best IO games to play in 2020?

Well keep on reading then. We have explained 23+ picks for best.io games and mentioned more worthy ones too.

What is IO in “.io games”

.Io is just a regular domain, it turns out. Just like .in for India and .cn for canada, .io means British Indian Ocean territory and also stands for input/output. This domain has gained popularity among start-ups and online entertainment in the form of .IO games. So .io has nothing much to do with the way you play the games. It just runs on the browser and is basically used to pass some time and feel not so bored in boring situations ! Some other explanations for the .io domain is that it’s somewhat shorter and easier to remember. Io domain has nothing to do with your internet activity whatsoever. Meaning that you can be in any country and access the .io websites.

Best .IO games that you Should Play in 2020:

If you feel bored and wanna try out online browser games, maybe consider picking up one of these mentions. There are sure to provide you a good time !

1. Zombs royale

Zombs Royale is a fantastic multiplayer io game with awesome battle royale game play. The game play is inspired by FPS games like fortnite. The rules are pretty much the same. Source your own supplies, fight other players, defend yourself and be the last guy standing. You can pick up a variety of weapons in the game ranging from common rarity all the way up to legendary weapons which are a hard find. Still a fine and fun game nnetheless.

2. Slither.io : one of the best io games

This game took the world along with agar.io . I mean these are the OG .io games. Enjoy a twist on an old classic with Slither.io! You own a snake that constantly grows when you feed it food pellets. But with its multiplayer gameplay, you now get the same action while competing against other people. If your snake is bigger than your opponent you can eat them, else you get eaten ! But don’t worry , you can always try again !

3. Gundar.io

Gundar.io has a UI which is very similar to minecraft . The environment is completely destructible and it’s free open world. The fun part ? It is an online multiplayer game with the objective of destroying enemy’s gem or diamonds. All while saving your own, of course. Use the WASD  keys to move , 123456 to switch weapons/platforms, Left mouse button to shoot/place platforms and Space bar to jump.

4. Surviv.io

This IO game is a mixture of mini militia mobile, and PUBG and other shooting online games you can think of ! All in one and quite small 2D game package. The goals are quite clear. You spawn and you have a small cute character which also shoots bullets. And you need to shoot others and stay alive. Or if you die, you can always try again !

5. Ninja.io

This unblocked IO game feels and plays a lot like alto’s adventure from android which is also a very good game by the way. You can tap to jump and avoid obstacles and stay on the track. If you fall off the track you die ( and restart ofcourse ) . If you want to compare it to the dinosaur game in the chrome browser, it’s also a good comparison.

6. Bois.io

Yeah Bois ! this is the complete CSGO packed into an online .io game. No wonder why is it on this list. For the right player, this game is all the fun they need in the time of a bore. Join the lobby, drop on a map, scavenge for weapons and be the last man standing. Basically CSGO with some graphics compromise of course. But hey, can’t ask for more at this point.


7. Snix.io

This game takes a different route of game play. This is an online and multiplayer game. You draw a line and others too. All you need to do is keep drawing your line for as long as you can go, without crashing into someone else’s line ! The further you go, the more your score is. Try the game from the link in the heading.

8. Warscrap.io

This game is amazing ! This game brings a whole punch of online battle royale gameplay with amazing graphics ( not the best but considering it’s a browser game , it’s awesome ). The game took huge inspiration from PUBG and fortnite, it turns out. It’s yet another fun game to play with TPP battle royale mode.


9. Monarchies.io

Ever played rise of nations ? or ages of empires ? certainly played clash of clans ! Yes this game features a gameplay like these games. Make your own army and attack enemy bases ! Win the attack and grow your armies or lose the battle and try all over !

10 Boas.io

A snake game ( boa is a snake ) but inside a room with 3D views and better graphics !

11. Vertix.io

Bet you have played the legendary Dave game during the 90’s ! This is a very similar replica of that game. The game has a jumping and move around mechanic and offers a 2D field of view

12. Chops.online.io

Much like some snake games we mentioned above, this game is based in ocean. You are a fish ! As are your opponents. Eat your opponents and grow your fish or get eaten and try again !

Other Free IO games to Play in 2020

Here are some more Free IO Games that should be playing in 2020.

  • Defly.io
  • Spinz.io
  • Angry chickens.io
  • Fightz.io
  • Helmet royale
  • Takemine.io
  • Tank wars.io
  • Hilly.io
  • Shipcraft.io
  • Gunzer.io
  • Fowz.io
  • Bruh.io
  • Raids.io
  • Powerline.io
  • Vili.io

Final Words

Hope you liked our list of best IO Games. Feel free to tell us your favorite ones in the comment section below. And as always, cheers and peace!

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