15+ Best SNES Emulator for Windows, Android & Mac

SNES stands for Super Nintendo Entertainment System. It has plenty of interesting games on it. But you need some emulators to enjoy these games on your android and Mac devices. We should thank the emulator developers to bring these home video games to our small screen. Emulators are serving for a long time to satisfy the wish of playing retro titles on phones. There is plenty of worth installing emulators to enjoy our classic games again.

List of Best SNES Emulators in 2020

Today we present you some valuable ideas about the SNES emulators. These emulators are pretty good and stable for a long time. You can get these emulators for free which has the best compatible capacity, auto-detection, controlling operations, and some cheat codes. Here is the list of top 17 SNES emulators, have a glance and download your favorite one.

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1. RetroArch

It is the frontend to play many classic games. RetroArch supports many emulators, media players, and game engines. You can better experience in your computer for many games with this Retro. The best feature in this is its best graphical interface. Here you also get the chance to run some game discs in original. In addition to the graphical interface, it also supports command-line interface. It can use on Linux, macOS, Android, etc.

2. Higan

Higan is one of the best SNES emulators which also supports many video games. The interesting features in this emulator are its cycle-accurate emulation, SPC7110 emulation, super game boy emulation. It has the ability to work on commercial SNES. It nearly supports 12 systems but the problem is you need a high-end system to have the best experience. Higan does not work with old systems of lower end versions.

3. SNES9x EX/+

It is one of the best SNES emulators which works well with 1GHz+ devices. SNES 9x 1.55 gives the best compatibility and 1.43 is also available for older systems. You can access the game from the SD card or from internal storage using this app.

4. John NESS

The features make it come in the best list of SNES emulators. John NESS interesting features are zip file support, cheats, turbo buttons, and customizable keys. High-quality rendering, virtual on-screen keyboard and game search in the whole device makes it unique. Some external supports are Bluetooth, MOGA and dropbox. It is best to find the emulators for smartphone and you will have to control.

5. SNES Mini/ Canoe

It is used in the Super Famicom classic mini and some of the classic items of SNES. The features of this Canoe are CRT filter, modes, and Pixel Perfect. The Canoe has the auto rewind option, auto-save, and load state options. The drawback of this emulator is its compatibility and it can’t support some high-end chips.

6. BizHawk

Bizhawk is one of the specialized emulators which works well with TAS (Tool Assisted Speedruns). Other than this it can also support some other casual games. It also supports the games on various platforms like Sega Saturn, Atari 2600, Sega Genesis, Game Boy color, etc. The gamers mostly prefer this because of its easy to use the feature. If you want to complete every level of TAS faster than other then this emulator is the one you must download.


SNESGT is the best emulator for windows and more accurate one for BS Satellaview. It is developed from Hii and GIGO. There are many latest version of this SNESGT are available which are worth downloading.

8. SuperRetro16

It is one of the topmost emulators with high-end compatibility. This has the slick user interface capacity with faster emulation. SuperRetro16 has the onscreen multi-touch ability and advanced control systems. The features which attract the game lovers about this emulators are cheats, in-game integration, auto-detection of games and much more.


It is the Super Nintendo emulator which supports Linux, Windows, macOS, DOS and also Xbox. ZSNES is the public beta version and can emulate the SNES enhancement chips. This cannot run RISC processors.

10. MAME4droid

This is the one emulator which can give you the chance to explore the arcade games in android. It has the ability to run the game at a good speed and only a few games provide low performance. Using this emulator one can nearly use plenty of games in the android. The installation process of this MAME4droid is straightforward in the windows. One can easily download and use it as the instructions and usage of this emulators are easy.

Final Words

You might have got some interesting ideas on SNES emulator. To get an enjoyable experience with some cheat support, keys to new levels then go for these emulators. Just try some lite version before getting into some paid versions. If you feel best with such emulators then choose for the paid one and get funny experiences. The following emulators are the best among thousands of emulators. The classic games will not be a dream if you only have simple systems or android phones.

  1. RetroArch
  2. Emulator for SNES
  3. Higan
  4. SNES9x EX/+
  5. John NESS
  6. SNES Mini/ Canoe
  7. BizHawk
  9. SuperRetro16
  10. ZSNES
  11. OpenEmu
  12. 2P NES Emulator
  13. Verdict
  14. Atari
  15. MAME4droid
  16. NES
  17. Nestopia UE

Here comes the end of today’s blog. I hope you might have got some interesting facts on the SNES emulators. Just pick the one based on the game you are playing and have fun in gaming. Using the above mentioned SNES emulator you can access classic games in your smartphone and your PC. Enjoy the world of the game in your favorite devices using these emulators. If you like the blog please do comment.

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