20 Best Sims 3 Mods Free [2020] – Start Download & Play

If you are the one who loves simulation games then this is the article which you have to refer. Advancement in technology has made video games more realistic and to enjoy the virtual real-world situation on your PC. Simulation games will introduce you to an imaginary world in which sims 3 is the third generation version which holds plenty of new extraordinary features. Though sims 4 have come into existence many players are still returning to the previous version as there are tons of Sims 3 Mods available on the internet.

So, if you are someone who is looking for Mods for Sims 3, then you are at the right page. We have compiled 20 Sims 3 Mods that you must try at-least once.

Best Sims 3 Mods ( Updated Mar. 2020) that are Free

We recommend you to check all mods as every mod has its own unique feature.

  1. Master Controller

This mod provides you the way to control plenty of game mechanics. Several modules of Master Controller are Cheats, Expanded Tattoo, Master Controller Integration, and Progression. It also gives you permission to control the entire population of your Sims town. Some of the major features of this sims 3 mod are Long term relationship, Transfer genetics, Family Funds, Invite over, Clean All and much more.

  1. Retro Realty – 70s Style

Introducing the first residential life mod which has a 70s inspired house. Sim 3 residential mod presents you the real world in virtual life. The home on this mod will have Master suite, 1X car Port, Swimming pool, Tv and a separate room, Entertainment room, kitchen, etc.

  1. Disasters and Blessings

One of the most interesting and funny mods of Sims 3 is Disasters and Blessings. Players may get the powers of ancient gods. You can hurl the lightning and feel like Zeus. You can icify the sims and create the showers of meteors. Using this mod one can make their sims to fall in love by playing cupid.

  1. Tagger

Tagger is one of the sims 3 mods which allows you to tag your sims which helps you to find the tagged one easily while they are not available. The player can track down their worth and can see your sims earnings.

  1. Hospital Overhaul Mod

There are many new trending features in this Sims 3 mod. This mod let the player create a surrogate mother, surgery for sex reassignment, etc. Hospital Overhaul mod has the ultrasound services to identify the sex of the sims before birth. Some other services of this sims 3 mod are Abortion, donation of sperms, alien implantation, deworming and In- vitro fertilization.

  1. Overwatch

It is one of the best mods of Sims 3 as it cleans up all your messes in the game. Some game mechanics in your sims may run fast at the same time it can also easily corrupt sims in your town. In order to rescue your town from such corruption, Overwatch will clean up the system periodically.

  1. Retuned Attraction system

Game’s attraction system can be changed using this retuned attraction sims 3 mod. This mod makes the game interesting by creating attractive backgrounds and make the sims to be attractive which will be more realistic. Some interesting things like zodiac signs, traits, and several rewards also came into the mix in this mod.

  1. Permanent Tents

It is an exclusive mod for residential and community lots. If you wish to build an explorer tomb using this mod you can purchase the tents which are easily rolled up and can be portable. Three different versions are available which are available for only residential lots, and one version is only for community lots with prices and the next one is for both the community and residential lots. This Permanent Tents mod is available in the link given.

  1. StoryProgression

It is one of the new and interesting mods which replaces the EA story progression system. The modules of this sims 3 mod are a career, Cops and Robbers, Extra, Lovers, Faries and Werewolves, Meanies, Vampire and Slayers, Story Progression Relationship, Skill, money, population, etc. These several add-ons will give you a realistic and better experience to play. It can simulate the inactive sims of the town.

  1. Script and Core Mods

It is the pure Scripting mod present as one of the best in Sims 3 mod. It allows you to roam the entire city and also let you carry toddlers. This mod also gives you permission to pick the kids out of the houses and bed.

  1. Weapons System

If you are the one who is looking for your sims death in your game. Then try out this weapon system mod which is one of the best sims 3 mod. This has the camera to look at the exact sim to warn and shoot. In order to get this press the link given

  1. Woohooer Mod

In order to keep romantic interactions between sims in your town then download this mod. It has plenty of modules which carry several interesting features. This mod gives you a different experience while playing.

Top 19+ Sims 3 Mods to Download Now

The above-given mods are some the most preferred best Sims 3 mods to download and stream your game. But the best list does not end with this, here are some other mods which can help you out to have better experience in your simulation games.

  1. Master Controller
  2. Retro Reality – 70s Style
  3. Disasters and Blessings
  4. Tagger
  5. Hospital Overhaul Mod
  6. Overwatch
  7. Retuned Attraction System
  8. Permanent Tents
  9. StoryProgression
  10. Script and Cores Mod
  11. Weapons System
  12. Woohooer Mod
  13. Vampire Powers
  14. Inteen 3 Mod
  15. Performing Arts lifetime wishes
  16. ESkin-nAtural +
  17. Fill Up Public Lots
  18. Tomb- Croft Manor
  19. More Traits for All Ages
  20. Apartment Mod

The best list ends here. But you can also find many other interesting and realistic Sims 3 mods online. Now, go ahead download these mods and create your own town.

We will be updating the list with more Mods very soon.

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