18 Best Browser Games in 2020 – Play on Chrome, Firefox

Gaming on browsers? I thought browsers were for viewing websites and stuff. Well there you have it. Browser games have been around since internet got popular ( way back then ) and still to date , these games have huge player bases. In this writing, we have compiled a list of best browser games that you can play for free.

No heavy graphics needed, no purchase needed. Just a web browser and internet ( of course ).

Why do people still play browser based games ?

Yes we know, browser based games are low on graphics , low on story and pretty much low on everything “gamers” care about. But it is also low when comparing requirements or storage or internet needs. Maybe some people want the casual gaming experience. Maybe someone is low on storage , or low on PC specs , or low on games even ! Whatever be the case, browser games can provide the fun and entertainment on the go.

And most browser games of today don’t even feel like browser games at all. This is where we commend the technology that produced pretty looking games even on a simple interface like a browser. Anyway, here are the best online games for browsers which you should definitely check out.

Some games do require adobe flash so make sure it’s installed on your browser.

Best Browser Games for Free in 2020:

So, here are the best and Free browser games;

1. 8 ball Pool

In no particular order, our first pick is 8 ball pool. Yes the classic 8 ball pool, also comes for browser. Play with your friends or play as a guest against other players in this online multiplayer pool game. You know pool table right. The goals are pretty much the same here. Just score and keep the white ball from drowning !

You can instantly play 8 ball pool from the miniclip website

2. Excite bike

Yes my fellow 90’s gamer, the classic Excite bike that used to sit on our 64 in one Nintendo console also happens to be on the browser. The game’s motive it to win a bike race with many competitors in a map full of crazy blockades and ramps. This one is sure to entertain you and bring back some memories.

You can play excite bike from here

3. Packman FPS

If you love packman and you love first person shooter games then you will love the packman FPS ! Yes , the packman now has a gun available to shoot the bad guys and uses a more modern vacuum cleaner rather than gulping down food using his mouth. Here is a short glimpse of it.

You can play packman FPS from this site

4. Minecraft

But Minecraft is not free ! Oh yes , this browser based version is though. And it’s exactly the same game with only the difference being you running it off a browser. It is developed by the game guys behind the original minecraft so there’s not much to complain. it’s only to build !

You can easily play minecraft classic from this website

5. Combat 5

This is a first person shooter. And this game is very serious ! It has dedicated country servers and people join and create rooms , just like pubg or any other big game out there. Only difference being you won’t have to download or purchase anything. This game is quite fun to play, but requires a mouse. If you game on the go, then probably skip this one. but it’s quite good nonetheless.

Play combat 5 online by going to this website

6. Surviv io

This is a cute game which is multiplayer and quite fun. You own a small cute tank and other also. You need to shoot down the bad guys while saving your tank. Basically how any other game works. It’s quite similar to world of tanks game , but smaller in size. Simple and easy.

You can play the game from here

7. Madalin stunt cars

It looks and feels like a knockoff of asphalt 8 game, which is a very good car racing game with some sick stunt mechanics. This game also has stunt mechanics and physics that doesn’t seem too shabby once you try it. It is a car race game with lots of ramps and lots of fun !

Click the link here to play the game.

8. Basketball stars

This is one of those games where players use nothing but their heads to score a goal or shoot a basket in basketball. Like head soccer. This game is quite fun to play and a great time killer. You can play solo or even 2 players on the same device for double the fun !

You can play the game from here

9.  Mini car racer

This is the game that closely resembles hill climb racing. Quite fun and stunt cars fill the game and make it a perfect timekiller. If you love hill climb racing then you will definitely love this one too !

Play the game online from here

10. Agar.io

Agar.io is a puzzle game that is played by thousands of people daily. The objective of Agar.io is to grow a cell on a Petri dish by swallowing both randomly generated pellets (agar), which slightly increases a cell’s mass, and smaller cells, without being swallowed by larger cells.

You can play the game from here

11. Air toons

If you are looking for online air battles and airborne shooter games then this is the one. It features multiplayer battles and the battles are based in the sky as the name suggests. Anyway this is a fun game and worth a check out using the link below.

Play the game online from here

12. Uno online

Uno is one of the most popular card game ever. The objective is to end your cards before your opponents. It includes many type of power cards and really requires a strategy to win the game. It is quite fun with friends.

Play the game online from here

Our pick for few more Browser Games

  1. Weapon.io
  2. Paper Minecraft
  3. Air wars 2
  4. Crazy Roll 2
  5. Derby crash 2
  6. Minigants.io
  7. Vex 4
  8. Tiger simulator
  9. Tetris
  10. Ice climber
  11. Pacman
  12. 4*4 Offroader
  13. Kart wars
  14. Motor wars
  15. Bullet town
  16. Hemp Tycoon
  17. Short life
  18. Devast.io

Last but not the least

These were our top picks when it comes to gaming on a browser. What are your favorite browser games ? Tell us down below in the comment section. Peace and cheers : )

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