Call of Duty Games in Order [Full List by Release Year]

There are no men who haven’t heard of call of duty games at some point in their lives. Call of duty is a huge game franchise with multiple generations of games released. COD is based on Online shooter and first person perspective game. The game franchise is published and developed by Activision gaming. Based on war themed environments, the call of duty games have seen huge success over these years.

In this article, we will listing all Call Of Duty Games in Order of Release year. So, if you are someone who haven’t played any COD game yet, start with the first one from this list.

List of COD games grouped

Lets now talk about the COD games in order of genre or the groups of COD games. Now to make some things clear, COD is not a single game. Multiple different games that inherit the COD DNA exist and there are multiple generations of each COD game. As per Activision’s and Wikipedia sources, here is the broad distribution of all call of duty games.

  • World war II games 

  • Black Ops

  • Modern Warfare

  • Other games that don’t belong to a genre

Call of Duty games in order of their release

Call of duty games are available for play on all platforms and consoles included. Let us discuss these games with a little description about each one

Call of duty : World war II

COD (2003)

The first ever COD game was released back in 2003 , October 29. The game featured army and weapons and combat system of world war II . The COD games are available for purchase via Steam and Valve since 2007. This game had an expansion pack called COD : United offensive which featured american special forces and Red armies.

The expansion pack was released in 2006 along with COD-2 as the COD : War Chest edition for PC. Because the game was one of it’s kind then, it quickly gained traction in the hearts of gaming enthusiasts.

COD-WWII 2 (2006)

This game was a sequel ( continuation ) to the original series. It was also a first person shooter. The game featured ideology and the mindset of soldiers in world war 2. The players experience the happenings of WW2 through the perspective of Red army soldiers in the game.

COD-WWII 3 (2006)

The game COD-3 was third installment in the call of duty lineup. It was not developed in partnership with Infinity Ward, a huge developer in the first two games. Also this game was targeted for consoles such as the Xbox 360 and PS2 and PS3.

The game has the flavors of  american, British, french and Polish armies after the D-Day in the Falaise Gap ( a battle fought in ww2 )

COD-WWII 4 (2017)

The fourth in the lineup and developed by Sledgehammer games, this version was released worldwide in 2017. This game featured European Accent and circles around the 1st Infantry division, the battles of western front and the events of the operation overload. Unlike it’s predecessors, this game has a more modern feel and taste to it.

COD-modern warfare ( 2019 )

The 2019 version is said to have a more darker and realistic story line than ever before.

It was revealed on 30th May 2019 and is yet to be released sometime in October.

Call of duty: Black Ops

COD : Black Ops (2010)

The original black ops was the seventh COD game in the call of duty games, which was released back in 2010. This game is set up in Cold war and some parts of the game also featuring the Vietnam war.

COD : Black Ops 2 (2012)

It was the ninth main installment in the COD series of games published by Activision, released in 2012. Quite different approach, this game featured futuristic warfare technology. This game also had multiple endings based on player’s decisions and actions in the game and multiple storylines.

COD : Black Ops 3 (2015)

It was the twelfth installment in the series. It was released in 2015

COD : Black Ops 4 ( 2018 )

COD BO4 is the fifteenth game in the call of duty games lineup and was released in 2018. Special thing about this game is that it is the first Black ops game that completely removes single player mode and completely focuses on the multiplayer part of the game.

This game also featured a whole new battle royale play mode. This game mode is just like “last man standing” where a number of players jump onto a map with reducing playable area. Players have to source their own supplies and defeat other players to be the last person standing.

Other Call of Duty Games

There are some other popular COD games that do not fit into genres or are sequels to some other game. These are just standalone games and are recognized and meant on their own. But that does not mean that they do not share the COD DNA ! of course they do.

Call of duty : Ghosts (2013)

COD ghosts was the tenth installment in the COD games lineup. It was developed by Infinity ward and published by Activision games. This game was primarily focused for consoles such as the PS4 and the Xbox One.

The storyline of this game has it, that America is no longer a superpower and it’s economy is in the dust now. The nation’s special operation forces fight the ghosts, which are technologically and biologically superior. The soldiers have to fight for their lives, not for freedom or liberty.

COD : Advanced Warfare and Infinite warfare

These games were released in 2014 and 2016 respectively. The advanced warfare had advanced movement controls such as double jumps and boost slides. Both the game feature new arrays of futuristic weapons and newer combat systems.

Call of duty : Modern warfare

This is the newest upcoming COD game and is pretty hyped and being anticipated by the community. This game released in October of 2019.

This game will be featuring “modern” weapons and advanced warfare and some real futuristic tech gear. The game will be featuring locations based in Russia and middle east. The game will also feature futuristic machines and war bots.

Summing up

This marks the end of this article. We discussed all call of duty games in order and also discussed the basic themes of these different iterations of the ever popular title. Feel free to share your own thoughts down below on the topic. Cheers and peace.

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