25 Best Facebook Messenger Games You Love To Play!

Facebook games have been here since it got popular in India. The games were there back in the day and they are here to stay. But could you also game on the Facebook messenger app !? Are there any Facebook messenger games ? Yes there are, and there is a whole store worth of them.

I mean they have a separate game store dedicated to these Facebook messenger games. But what games are exactly worthy in those huge stacks of games ? That is the topic of this discussion ! Follow along and find out the best Facebook messenger games that you can play when conversations aren’t spiced up enough !

The Facebook games store

So if you are more of a “try it out yourself” kind of person, you will like trying all the games more than anything else. For that reason, we have the facebook messenger games’ website listed right here. But Also be sure to keep reading and find out our recommendations of the games as well !

Best Facebook messenger games

Following is the list of our recommendations for the most enjoyable and great time-passing games that will get you covered when you are lonely on Facebook ! No matter if the conversation is not spicy, these games for sure are !

1. 8 ball pool

Everybody loves pool ! And everybody loves 8 ball pool also. The full blown android and Ios versions of the game exist but this still earns a mention here.

why 8 ball pool ?

  • Multiplayer game that you can play as a guest
  • Both 8 ball and the 9 ball mode available

2. UNO friends

UNO is a super popular card game. Unlike other card games it has got a whopping 108 cards and the game has a whole set of different rules. The objective is to match colors and end your cards before your opponent

why UNO ?

  • Great Multiplayer
  • Can be played with more than 2 friends
  • Extremely fun to play

3. Star Wars : commanders

Everyone knows about star wars ! And now the game is available on the facebook games store for you to play.

Will you side with the Rebellion or the Empire? Join the fight, build your base, recruit and train your army, strategically plan your defenses, and lead your troops to victory on worlds in conflict throughout the galaxy!

main features

  • Rich game play
  • Multiplayer with friends

4. Words with friends

For the times when you and your friends get bored of the conversation and want to take it one step further ! This game is all about typing words, but faster and logically ! Really fun and grossing to play

great features 

  • Interesting and educating game play


LUDO is a classic ! You can play LUDO with upto 4 players in this game. Pick a color and let the dices roll ! Land on your friends pawn to eliminate them . It’s a game of luck but very fun to play nonetheless.


  • Really fun multiplayer upto 4 players
  • Long games if you are into them

6. Draw something

If you want more privacy and multiplayer games just are’t your type, then try this one out ! Draw anything, as the name suggests. This game also does support multiplayer but it’s not absolutely necessary to enjoy the game.

Why draw something ?

  • Great way to express yourself and be creative
  • Also multiplayer if you want it

7. Tetris game

Also a classic and also famous among arcade and casual gamers. Connect the randomly falling shapes to cancel them out and stay in the game. If the pile of falling bricks build up, you lose ! This is a game that requires both high concentration and thinking skills.

why we play tetris ?

  • Easy to play and learn
  • Easy control and great for time pass

8. Sudoku

Sudoku is for all those geeks like there who spend more time on brain teasers than chats ( unfortunately ). Anyways, the goals here are to put numbers 1-9 in a 3*3 block such that the number is not repeated. The same goes for a full row and a full column. Some boxes come prefilled depending on the level of the game you chose.

Why play Sudoku ?

  • Great for brain and time pass

9. Galaga : One of the best facebook messenger games

Ever played galaga ? There is a small and cute little spaceship that shoots bullets. The enemies come from all directions into the screen and also drop bullets on you ! Protect yourself while shooting them in this epic classic game. Better than boring chats !

main features

  • Great shooting game with easy controls
  • Scores can be shared with friends

10. Golden Boot

Are you a football fan and love nothing more than penalties ? Then this game will absolutely be your favorite once you try it. It features penalty kick sessions with various levels of difficulties depending upon your kicking ( finger swiping that is ) skills !

main features

  • Great multiplayer and score sharing with friends
  • Real players and good mechanics

11. Snake attack game

Everyone as played the snake game once in their lifetime ! Well play it again if the chat you are into is kinda boring. This game is also multiplayer so you can share all your snake high scores with other players. Or keep crawling in the mud, eat fruits and grow !

12. Chess

If you and your friends are both geeks and hate chats, then you will love chess ! Battle against each other in this ever popular game. The scores are shareable to others as well.

Top Facebook Messenger Games in 2020

  1. Wartide
  2. Townsmen
  3. Zynga poker
  4. Farm ville
  5. Path of war
  6. Tropic trouble
  7. Candy crush saga
  8. Double Down
  9. NBA battle basketball
  10. Quiz Planet
  11. EverWing
  12. Ninja Go
  13. Hanger
  14. Last knife
  15. 2048 game

Final verdict

You now have reached the end of this writing. Hope you liked our suggestions for best facebook messenger games. Also drop your favorite games below. Cheers and peace.

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