PS4 Not Connecting to WiFi – How to Fix [Easy Steps]

If your PS4 console is not connecting to wifi, then this text is for you. In the following writing, we mention some easy and simple ways that will help you fix wifi issues with your PS4. If the issue was not before and now its there because you updated your PS4 , then also read on. Lets jump right into the methods.

Why my PS4 wont connect to the wifi ?

Before discussing the methods, lets just spare a moment for what might have causes the PS4 to not to connect to wifi. Well there can be something wrong with your internet connection, or your wifi range is quite poor. Or it may be just due to some DNS setting. Lets check out the ways to fix the PS4 not connecting to wifi issue.

1. Check if your wifi is 5 Ghz instead of 2.4 Ghz

For your PS4 to connect to your wifi, you need to make sure that your wifi is at 5 Ghz frequency. If it is already at 5 Ghz then read on. Otherwise if it’s on 2.4 Ghz , change it to 5 Ghz and try connecting to wifi again with your PS4. The new sony update for PS4 forces 5 Ghz connections, so this is worth a try.

If this was the issue then changing the wifi frequency would have solved it.

2. Change your DNS settings

We have talked about this method in detail in one of our guides on how to fix Ps4 DNS error. In this step we will set the DNS to google’s DNS and then try to connect again. To change your DNS settings, follow along

  • Go to PS4 menu and choose settings
  • Then navigate to network
  • Under set up internet connection , select wifi or LAN cable. Please note that LAN cable is faster and more reliable than wifi
  • You should leave all settings to their defaults except the DNS settings
  • Set the primary DNS to and secondary DNS to
  • You can also try in the same way
  • Set MTU settings to automatic and proxy settings to do not use.
  • test your connection.

Once this is done, you should now be seeing a screen like the one shown above. It means that wifi issues with your PS4 have now been resolved. Use the same method again if the problem returns in the future. Hopefully this fixed the ps4 not connecting to wifi issue

*If the above DNS server does not resolve the issue, try the following settings instead:

   Primary DNS:

   Secondary DNS:

3. Reset your router for fixing wifi issues

Simple as it may sound, it has reportedly worked for a number of users. All you need to do is disconnect your router and switch it off for a while. Then plug it back in. This will cause it to reset.

Or you can also try setting your router settings to their default. Once you are done you should retry connecting your PS4 to the wifi and see if the problem goes away.

4. Checking your internet connection

Perhaps the problem is with your internet connection. Here are a number of fixes you can try to be sure everything is correct with your internet connection

  • Try renaming your network SSID : You can try renaming your SSID or your wifi’s name in short , and then try reconnecting to the PS4
  • Change the password protection from WPA to WPA2-PSk
  • Try extending the range : To extend the range of a router , you will need to invest in a repeater. A short term solution can be bringing your PS4 closer to your router so that they are in even closer range.

All these fixes are quite a hit and miss , but they can work and save your day.

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5. Restore default PS4 settings to fix wifi issues

Was your PS4 able to connect to wifi ? And it suddenly stopped connecting now ? Then it can be something that recently changed your internet settings. But this can be easily fixed. Just follow the steps . This method leads us going through safe mode , so we recommend having a data backup. Data backup never hurt !

  • You need to completely turn off your PS4 . For this , press the power button on the front to turn it off.
  • You should see the LED blink a couple of times. This means the pS4 is off now
  • Press and hold the power button until you hear 2 beeps.
  • The second beep means that now you are in safe mode
  • press the PS button on the controller
  • You should now see a menu like the following

  • Once you reach here , now all you need to do is to select Restore Default Settings
  • Your PS4 will restart after this step

Once all this is done, now its time to test it ! Once it powers up back on , try connecting back to the wifi to see if the wifi issues go away. Hopefully they did

Other ways

If nothing mentioned above worked out for you, you can try

  • Updating your PS4 software though the Safe mode. Maybe an update will be able to recognize any wifi bugs and fix them
  • Set your wifi password protection to NONE ( no password or open wifi ) and try connecting.
  • Go to Sony’s online troubleshooter for PS4. They have a website dedicated for resolving customer issues related to all problems including internet connectivity. They will guide you through easy steps to do so. You can go to the website from here

Last but not the least

Hopefully you were able to fix the issues with your PS4 wifi connection using any or more of these steps. If you were unfortunately unable to,  don’t lose hope yet. You can try contacting your ISP for your internet issues or contact the PS4 team. They are their for customer support, call them : ) Peace.

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