Download PS3 Emulator for Android – Install & Play Games

You might have been searching for the some way by which you can play PS3 games on an android smartphone. Then you have landed at the right place Hurrah!!! In this article, We have created a detailed guide on how to download and run the PS3 emulator for android smartphone.

ps3 emulator

You don’t need a Sony Play Station 3 anymore to play it’s games. You can now play PS3 Games on Android. There is this one thing that you need to download and that thing is a PS3 Emulator for Android.

Android’s play store has plenty of games on it to play. But still there are many PS3 Games that are not supported on Android smartphones. And if you want to play these PS3 games on your Android you will need a PS3 Android  Emulator. One more reason to use it is that it is absolutely free to use.

And the best part is that it does not require you to root your device

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What is PS3 emulator for Android?

PS3 aka Play Station 3 Emulator for Android is nothing but an APK file that you need to install. Virtual keys will appear on your phone’s home screen after you successfully download and install the emulator. The virtual keys are somewhat similar to the original PS3 Joystick buttons. They help you to get the look and feel while playing PS3 games on your android phone.

PS3 Emulator Apk (2019) Info


  1. Efficient and fast.
  2. Small size.
  3. Cross-platform.
  4. No rooting of device required.
  5. Trusted source.


  • An Android smartphone.
  • Non metered Internet connection.
  • At-least 1 GB of Free space on your phone.
  • At-least 3 GB of RAM is recommended for smooth functioning.
  • Android Kitkat 4.0 or above versions.
  • Low CPU usage.
  • Android smartphones powered by MediaTek or other processors aren’t considered best for gaming. Qualcomm Snapdragon powered devices can provide you with a good gaming experience.

How to Install PS3 Emulator For Android

The installation process has two significant steps that you need to complete successfully and then you are all set to go and play PS3 games on your android smartphone.

  1. Download the emulator using this link.
  2. Download the BIOS file using this link.
    [Note : These files belong to their respective owners, we are neither the owner nor the creators of these files.]
  3. Enable app installation from unknown sources. Go to Settings -> Developer Options -> Install Apps From Unknown Sources -> Enable it.PS3 Emulator For Android
  4. After the completion of the download. Open your file manager and go to the downloads folder and tap on the APK file.PS3 Emulator For Android
  5. The installation process will start and you will be prompted to grant the required permissions.
  6. The installation will take only a couple of minutes. Once it is complete your emulator is ready to launch.PS3 Emulator For Android
  7. Open the installed play station three emulator and tap on ‘LOAD BIOS’ in the emulator to load the bios.
  8. Select the downloaded bios file.PS3 Emulator For Android

But wait the emulator will not run the games yet, you need to do one more thing. You need to download the games.

PS3 Games cannot be downloaded directly from the play store. PS3 games come in ISO format that is read by computers and actual playstations. You will have to find the ISO files for the games on the internet.

Once you have downloaded the ISO files for the games of your choice. Just open the ISO file via the PS3 emulator and you can now enjoy playing play station three games on your android smartphone. [TIP: Keep your background apps closed for a smoother game play].

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use  my Android Smartphone to Control PS3 or PS4?

A: Yes, you can use your Android Smartphone to Control PS3 or PS4, you’ll need to download some apps for it.

Q: Is there any hidden fee for playing PS3 games on android using emulator?

A: No, there is no hidden fee. It’s absolutely free.

Q: Will this emulator work on PS4 Games?

A: No, PS4 Games are completely different. You will have to download a pS4 Emulator for android to play those games.

Q: Does it require root access to run this emulator?

A: No, it does not require you to root your device and risk it’s security and warranty.

Q: Can I use this PS3 Emulator on iPhone?

A: No, this is an android specific emulator. You will have to search some other for iphones.

Q: Will this emulator work on Windows or Mac PC?

A: Yes, it can work but with the help of bluestacks or some other emulator but we recommend not to do this.

Q: Are there alternatives of PS3 Emulator?

A: There are some alternatives. And they are listed below.

  • Nintendo Emulator App
  • Drastic DS Emulator App
  • Xbox 360 Emulator App


If you still don’t believe us on the thing that you can now run Play Station Three games on your Android Smartphones, then the only thing you can do is : Try it yourselves. The only thing you need to worry about while trying is about the android version of the phone on which you are trying to install the PS3 emulator. The phone’s android version must be at-least version 4.4 that is Android KitKat for the emulator to work. It will not work on phones having android versions below 4.4.

Just follow our guide and you will be up enjoying Play Station Three games on your phone. And if you have any queries or suggestion, do comment below. We will be very happy to hear it from you.

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