Fortnite Launch Error 20006 [Anti-Cheat-Service Error] – Fix

The fortnite  launch error 20006 is also called anti-cheat-service error. This error will occur if the game discovers a problem with the anti-cheat.sys file or the anti-cheat service.

There are easy workarounds for this issue. In this text we will see how to fix the 20006 launch error in fortnite.

What does Fortnite 20006 Launch error mean?

The anti-cheat service is an important part of any online game like fortnite.

Anti-cheat service runs many algorithms in background of your game play. It ensures that neither you nor the one playing against you is using some kind of mod or cheat.

Cheats are popular and in use to gain extra advantage over other players. Various cheats include aim bots and those which tells other players location. While using cheats is cowardly but who’s gonna listen.

Fortnite uses anti-cheat-services to eliminate any cheating. If your service is down, you can not play the game unless you have the service up and running.

How to Fix Fortnite Error Code 20006

Following ways will help you fix the 20006 launch error in fortnite.

Method 1 :  Reinstalling the anti-cheat application

The anti-cheat application installs automatically with fortnite. It runs a background service that does all the anti-cheat checking stuff in the background. There is a way to fix this broken application

  • Open “explorer” and go to the location where “fortnite” is installed
  • Go to “Fortnite”
  • Then go to “FortniteGame”
  • Into “Binaries”
  • Then “Win64”
  • Finally in the “anticheat” folder

the collective location becomes Fortnite>Fortnite>FortniteGame>Binaries>Win64>Anticheat

Here you will see anticheat.exe file. Run the file. It will take you to an installer.

  • Select “Repair”
  • Select fortnite in the dropdown menu and click repair.

This will repair ( if broken ) the anti-cheat service for fortnite. Once done, run fortnite to see if the game works.

Method 2 : deleting or renaming the “EasyAntiCheat.sys” file

The EasyAntiCheat.sys is the file that runs the service in the background. Deleting or renaming it can make fortnite run. To do it, go to

  • C:/windows/system32/drivers folder. Make sure you have administrator privileges
  • Then find EasyAntiCheat.sys and delete/rename/remove it from the folder.
  • Once done, try running fortnite again and see if the problem goes away.

Cheers if it did, read on if it didn’t.

Method 3

Perhaps your EAC ( easyantichat )has encountered some 32-64 bit version error. The EasyAntiCheat installs a windows service.This service points to

C:\Windows\System32\ for a file called EasyAntiCheat.exe. Unable to find the file, it will not run and you thus see the fortnite launch error 20006. To fix this issue, follow these simple steps

  • Open “explorer” program on your computer
  • Go to C:\Windows\ folder
  • Here you will see a folder called SysWOW64

What happens is the Anti-cheat installer installs the file inside this folder. But it should have installed it into System32 folder. To fix this you just need to move the file

  • In SysWOW64 folder, search  for EasyAntiCheat.exe
  • Cut this file from here and paste it inside of System32 folder

( Both SysWOW64 and System32 are system folders and kept close to each other so finding them should not be an issue )

Once the file has been moved, close all applications and re-run fortnite to see if the launch error 20006 goes away.

Method 4 : Verify all your Fortnite files

Sometimes some or more missing or corrupt files can cause issues in your programs. Whether its a game or some other application, missing files can cause startup problems anywhere. To fix this in fortnite, follow the steps given below.

  • Open your fortnite laucher
  • Once it is opened, search for the small “Settings” button on right side of the launch button
  • It will open a dropdown menu for you
  • It contains an option called “verify” , click on it
  • The option will run some task
  • Wait for it to complete

Also make sure your internet connection is on for this. What exactly this step does is connect to the Epic games server and verifies all files required to run the game properly. It replaces any corrupt files or downloads any files which were missing.

Once the verification step is complete, check if it did something, by running the game. If the verification step is correct , your game is running now !

Method 5 : try the EAC ( EasyAntiCheat ) support

The EAC team have a website dedicated to resolving issues related to EAC . The 20006 launch error is also related to EAC so trying the online support is a good idea. They have troubleshooters and a set of general solutions. you can go to EAC support by here.

Simply go to the website and search for “fortnite”. It will guide you to the next steps in the process. This steps also work for many other games as you can see. Now you know.

Hopefully the online EAC support was able to resolve your fortnite launch error 20006 and got you going.

Method 6: Checking if the EAC service is active

All active services in the system appear in the services list. The EAC service that fortnite requires to run, also appears in the same list. To check for that, follow the steps

  • Go to “run” menu by clicking Win+R
  • type in “services.msc” and click okay
  • Alternatively, you can search for services in start menu and click on it from there.
  • Search for “EasyAntiCheat” service
  • Right click on it and click “properties”
  • Select “automatic” in startup behavior and save your settings

Restart your computer . Once restarted, try running fortnite again to see if the error is resolved.

Final words

The EAC program runs in background to ensure that you play in a fair environment with other players. This service, if goes down, raises the fortnite launch error 20006. We hope that you were able to fix this error using our tutorial above. Cheers and happy gaming to you !

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