14+ Best Sub Nautica Mods Everyone Should Explore

Sub Nautica an underwater world adventures unlimited fun filling game. There is no doubt about it. It is a wonderful game that provides the players to explore their nostalgic involvement in the underwater experience. The underwater world is completely filled with numerous provoking secrets and different dangerous beast. The exploration of the underwater world will be enhanced a bit more using the mod files.

Best Sub Nautica Mods 2020:

The ever replaceable game in this mod files plays an important role in extrapolating the experience of seeing and playing the game in different user expected manner.  In this sub-Nautica mod review, we are going to see the different mods and its user interface towards the game as well as its internal specifications. For continuous fun, these mods will help to make it even better. We provide some awesome mods details for you.

1. No more Vehicle Attacks

The novelty and creativity level of the sub-Nautica’s game developers are always appreciable. They provided the creation mode for players to explore the dark side of the deep ocean. No more vehicle attack mods help you to get the invisible mod for your vehicle which indirectly prevents it from the enemy attack and getting damage. Here is the case the materials and blueprints are not required for crafting and vehicles. This is mod is decent enough to play.

2. More quick slots

The preliminary wish of every sub-Nautica players is to get more slots to play the game more freely. Using the more quick slots mod you will get a number of slots. Usually, the player without this mod will get only six quick slots to play the game mainly when you gather close to 10 usable tools. The slots are increased with respect to the hotkey label to make it easier to work. It is a very small change with lots of user-friendly features.

3. Custom Food

In this phenomenon mainly in food and consumables, whatever present in the game without the mod is very much pretty and good. The sub-Nautica offers a decent level of different varieties of items in the game. But there is a small space for improvement is available. Custom food mod provides the extra 12 self-customizable consumables in the game. It includes six juices and cakes.

4. Map

Best among all mods which are available for the sub-Nautica is Map. It is a classic example of the small mods with a lot of functionalities. This map mod helps you to add the map to the PDA in the Beacon Manager tab and get access a lot faster. It is the best choice for sub-Nautica mods. You can allocate keys on your own wish. You can include the track icons to the map which indirectly include the heat and remote room scanning and vent features. You can personally color your maps according to the level of maps.

5. Improved Alien Containment

An essential mod which helps to maintain a large number of an alien in the cylindrical aquarium along with the fauna that has been caught by you is Improved Alien Containment. The main usage of alien containment such as animal breeding of the same species, the addition of plant life. This mod also adds required plants to be present in containment planter before egg-laying or hatching.

6. Docked Vehicle storage

In the normal world, inventory management is a big thing. In the same case in the sub-Nautica, inventory management is a big part along with the spoils of the run will always be removed from the docked vehicle by hand. The docking itself is a tedious process then the docked vehicle storage takes part in the next part. These mods have some more added advantage, it provides the new locker which automatically retrieves the item out of the store when you dock it in your base.

7. Vibrant shader

Mods mainly concentrate on the functional part of the games, but vibrant shader also helps to make your game user-interface prettier. We can say it as an add-on advantage because the normal look of the game is really awesome in its underwater world and light art style. In terms of the visual improvements, the first place goes to this mod. It is very used to use by pressing the toggle key which will enhance the look in a single touch.

8. Upgraded Vehicles

The next big thing in the mod is upgraded vehicles. If you want to experience an unbreakable experience, you should take some risk. This mod provides some new vehicles to play. It is highly durable. It not only focusses on the vehicle up-gradation directly. It adds some new items for the survival and high protection against the damage which in-turn enhances the gaming experience.

9. Hard Mode Shader

Subnautica with mods provides the various difficulty levels to play. Hard mode shader takes everything even more stringent. The hardcore such as essential resources restrictions like food and oxygen which in turn affects the game difficulty. Another unbelievable feature is it provides the dark shade to the game which gives the spookiness and dangerous fun-filled experience. It alters the tone and feel of the game like alien convenient.

10. Easycraft

The hidden feature of this mod can easily be understood by the name of the mod. Easy craft mod helps to save the time in muddling for the menus. The automation for crafting the items from the blueprint while making the resources and ingredients usage from the inventory storage will be done easily from this mod help. 

Final Words

Here we come to the end and you can easily pick out the best one to have fun. The details mentioned above will give you a clear idea to pick the best one. The precise list is given below.

  1. Base clock
  2. Custom Food
  3. No more Vehicle Attacks
  4. Hard Mode Shader
  5. Docked Vehicle storage
  6. Map
  7. Vibrant shader
  8. Prawn Upgrade access
  9. Easycraft
  10. Upgraded Vehicles
  11. Improved Alien Containment
  12. More quick slots
  13. Blueprint tracker
  14. Auto sort lockers
  15. Moonpool vehicle repair

Pick the best Sub Nautica mods and enjoy the ultimate fun in it. If you find this blog useful do comment.


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