35 Best Discord Bots to Make the Best Server in 2020

Discord is amazing ! It allows gamers and friends to connect quite effortlessly and then co-ordinate their team from there. It has some pretty neat features. One of which is expandability of features using discord bots. A bot is nothing but a piece of code that performs some function when user wants it to.

In this article we have compiled a wide list of best bots in discord that we found extremely unique and helpful. The list does not include bots from any particular genre or type. All kinds of bots whether moderator, music, authentication etc are mentioned here. See for yourself and maybe you will find a new bot that you were eagerly waiting for !

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Top 10 Discord Bots to Enhance Server

Here is our top picks that we think, will make your discord experience a whole lot of better !

1. The Rythmbot

Rythmbot is a very powerful and easy to use bot. It is used to play music in the background. Chances are , if you are running a discord channel ( or planning to ), you will have some means to play music in the background. Well, look no further. The rythmbot is extremely easy to add to channel and gets music up and running in a couple of commands

  • Use : Play music in background from youtube and other services

Learn more about rythmbot from the website

2. MEE6 discord bot

The MEE6 is a general purpose bot. what that means that it provides multiple functions within a single interface. It is best suited for moderation , leveling of players , showing alerts from other services such as twitch and other features.

Uses : 

  • Making custom commands
  • Leveling system
  • Assigning roles to players with a single click
  • youtube , reddit and twitch alerts

You can check out MEE6 from their official website

3. Dyno bot

Dyno bot is one of the basic bots that every discord user sets up whenever he / she starts a channel. Becasue the functionality provided by Dyno bot is pretty neat. A single bot which can create a dedicated dashboard for you , does moderation , kicks or bans people and also can be used of broadcast announcements.

Uses :

  • Broadcasting announcements into whole chat
  • Kick, mute and ban people
  • Assigns roles to people
  • bonus : plays music from youtube !

Learn more about dyno bot by clicking this link.

4. Discord-Translator

This one is pretty interesting. Lets say you have members in your discord channel who speak some other languages. This bot just does one thing and it does that right ! It supports real time language translation for both parties so that communication is seamless.

Uses : Used for real time translation of language and thus increases your channel co-ordination.

Its a pretty handy tool nonetheless. If you want to learn more about it , you can refer it from this site.

5. Dank Memer for discord

Come on now ! Who doesn’t like memes ? This bot will display some DANK AF memes on your chat. The real OG kind of person is the one who appreciates memes. And this bot got them all. Atleast if ain’t able to display good memes , it’s sure to display trashy memes anyway ! JK , this bot is pretty fun and unique and deserves a spot on this list.

Uses : Just display memes and make your channel feel like old school !

Download or invite the bot from this page.

6. Night bot

If you are stressed about people cussing or using bad words in the chat , this bot is your rescue. This bot very seamlessly hides and removes inappropriate chat words , suppresses spamming of symbols into the chat , removes extra links or caps etc. It just acts as an auto-moderator. We definitely recommend this one running in the background. And oh, it also moderates live stream chats in twitch streams so it’s pretty cool.

Uses : Automatic chat moderation and profanity filtering and removing bad words.

Learn more about night bot from the official website

7. GAwesome Bot

GAwesome Bot is also a very popular and easy to use multi purpose bot. It handles a lot of features. It can kick or ban people , award ranks , poll votes , conduct giveaways , play some music etc. And also it can display memes which is must to have ! All this functionality gets bundled in a single package.


  • Kick, ban or invite people
  • Display memes
  • Fetch information from wikipedia and google search

Download GAwesome Bot for your server.

8. Zero two bot

ZeroTwo bot brings so much functionality to the table. It has a profile system , music streaming with no lag, voting and polling and a intuitive dashboard. It also features options like automatic role assigning and leveling of messages which is quite helpful. To say the least , it’s a pretty handy personalization bot.

Uses :

  • Easy dashboard management
  • Playing music
  • Conducting voting and polling
  • Assigning roles automatically

You can invite the Zerotwo bot from this website

9. Game stats bot

If yours is a gaming oriented channel , this bot is a must for you then. It tracks and displays statistics and information from many famous online multiplayer games such as PUBG , Dota , CG: GO , Overwatch , League of legends , Apex legends , Fortnite and many many more. Gamers value nothing more than fresh stats ! ( also memes ).

Uses : Display information and stats regarding online games such as PUBG and Fortnite in the chat.

You can download the GameStat bot from here.

10. Guilded bot

Last ( but definitely not the least ) is the Guilded bot. It is aimed at gamers who play as a team. More importantly, who are looking for a team. That’s right. This bot helps you find other interested players online to join you as a team and then you are all set up to roll down some heads !

Uses : Team making and connecting players for multiplayer games.

Invite the bot to the channel by going through this website

Final List of 35 Discord Bots for Free

Here are all the bots that we mentioned above , and there are other notable ones as well listed below

  1. Rythmbot
  2. MEE6
  3. Dyno bot
  4. Discord Translator
  5. Dank memer
  6. Night bot
  7. GAwsome
  8. Zerotwo
  9. Gamestats
  10. Guilded

And here are the other ones you should look :

  1. Trivia bot
  2. Yggdrasil
  3. Fredbot
  4. Eris bot
  5. Pollux
  6. RuneInfo
  7. Unbelieva Bot
  8. Miki
  9. Pbot
  10. Aki
  11. Amybot
  12. Marv
  13. Kyoko
  14. Pokecord
  15. Hydra
  16. Nadeko
  17. OwO
  18. Idle RPG
  19. Boxbot
  20. Pancake
  21. Gambling bot
  22. Tombot
  23. Mewbot
  24. EPIC RPG bot
  25. Nuggetbot

Wrapping up

This wraps up our list of best bots in discord. Amazing things there bots are. Also let us know your favorite bots by commenting down below. As always , peace and cheers.

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