How to Fix Voice Chat Not Working in Fortnite?

Voice chat is an essential part of any online game, and it is even more important when we are talking of “fortnite”, the most popular FPS. Voice chat is important for team co-ordination. And there can sometimes be issues with your voice chat which unfortunately spoil the entire game-play . Here we discuss “Voice chat not working in fortnite” fixes . In the following text we will have a look at why voice chat issues arrive and how to fix them.

What causes fortnite voice chat to stop working

There are quite some ways for fortnite voice chat to go down. It can be an issue with your mic itself or your sound adapter. Sometimes its an issue with the game. But there are easy workarounds to fix voice chat not working in fortnite. Lets have a look at the ways which we are going to use to fix voice chat issues.

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Way 1 : Test your microphone to fix “voice chat not working”

Whether you are using a gaming headset with a mic or a dedicated mic, its worth checking if mic works. There can be issues with the mic or it might not be plugged in correctly.

Use the default troubleshooter to fix problems with your sound and microphone settings

  • Go to Start and search for Settings
  • Once opened, search for “troubleshooter”
  • Then search for “recording audio” in the menu
  • Run the troubleshooter and let it do its thing

Once finished, run fortnite and check if the issues with recording went away.

Way 2 : Update your sound adapter drivers

This is the last step in making sure everything is correct at our end. This method and the one mentioned above should fix any issues on the machine that causes voice chat to not work in fortnite

We recommend backing up the existing audio driver using some backup tool like drivemax or drivereasy

Once backups are done and all,

  • Open start menu and search for “device manager”
  • Once opened, search for your sound adapter under “audio input and output” settings. Under most cases its a realtek or Intel based card
  • Right click on it and choose “update driver”
  • You can choose to download drivers “automatically”

Once the drivers are updated, you should restart your computer to let them take effect

Now retry using the mic in fortnite to see if the issue went away. If it does, Hooray ! If it doesn’t, read on, we have more to come.

Way 3 : Fixing mic issues with in-game settings to fix voice chat issues

Follow along these steps for fixing the mic settings from the game . This will fix issues where other players and/or friends couldn’t hear you talk nor could you hear them. Start with Fortnite open.

  • Open main menu and go to “settings”
  • Open Audio settings and turn “Voice Chat” to off
  • Turn “Voice Chat Input Device” to default
  • Close fortnite
  • On Windows task-bar right click the speaker and open “Playback Devices”
  • Right click the speaker you’re using and select “Set as default communication device”and click”ok”
  • In fortnite main menu and open settings
  • Open Audio settings and turn “Voice Chat Input Device” to whatever your headset and/or speaker device is
  • Turn “Voice Chat” to on and apply changes

Your fortnite voice chat should be fixed now !! We have seen this fix work on various devices and hopefully you were able to fix it as well

Way 4 : Update your game to the latest version and download all patches

Update patches are released by Epic games to fix issues in the game. If nothing has worked for you so far, you can try the following.

  • Open the Epic games launcher
  • click the “library” option and then click the “settings” logo on the lower right corner
  • set “auto-update” toggle to ON and save your settings

By setting the auto-update toggle to ON, you are now set to automatically download and install update patches from epic games. You will see the game updating small patches, let them happen.

Once done, try connecting through the mic to see if the issue is gone.

Way 5 : To enable the mic for fortnite in the windows settings

Perhaps the mic is disabled or fortnite is not permitted to use the microphone. This can be fixed easily by

  • Going to start and searching for settings.
  • Once opened, search for “Privacy”

  • Once the privacy tab is open , search for “microphone” and click on it
  • Under this tab, you should see a tab saying “enable microphone access on this device”
  • Tick mark the option and app fortnite to allowed apps
  • Exit and retry using mic in fortnite

After Applying all these fixes, your mic is fixed by now and now you must be good to go. But if the fortnite voice chat not working issue still persists, then there is the last and do-all and end-all solution.

Way 6 : Re-installing fortnite for resolving voice char not working issues

Yes it is hard re-installing games that are quite big in size but re-installing it is the only way to be sure that anything wrong with the game goes away. Voice chat should work after re-installing the game. You can create a backup of game data and restoring it in case your internet connection is weak.

Getting to the conclusion of the thing

The voice chat not working in fortnite is a common issue that many people face and also end up fixing easily. We hope that you fixed it as well using one of our methods mentioned above.

Its time for Victory Royale !!

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