12+ Best American Truck Simulator Mods

The different mods are the one which is very much preferred by the gamers to get enhanced visualizing experience. In the case of the American Truck simulator, it is very much necessary to include the mod to get the realistic feel of the game. Realistic in the meaning of playing the game in our own interesting infrastructure. It helps to attract professional gamers to choose this. This blog will definitely fulfill your needs.

Best 10 American Truck Simulator Mods

These mods can change the entire background for our needs mainly change the light effects and location view, vehicle design and so on. If you are really nostalgic about the real-world experience, keep reading this blog. There are lots and lots of mods available to provide a fantastic gaming experience without compromising the performance of the game.

1.Realistic Graphics Mod

The ultimate aim of realistic graphics mod is to provide day to day realistic effect for the players. Just for the sake, we look into the truck driver’s perspective; wherever he goes the road will always be a lonely place for him. Complete empty space as far as his sight. Here is a nice way to make him happy and distract from that perception. This realistic mod for your American truck simulator will make your eye candy while playing with small graphical quality adjustments.

2.Enhanced Vegetation

For green lovers, the Enhanced vegetation mod will be very much helpful. While driving, you may able to see a higher level of vegetation in and around your surroundings using this enhanced vegetation mod. In this mod, you can see beautiful landscapes of the United States. The admiring fauna, most varied and beautiful countryside’s which will really be a visual treat for your eyes. It is not limited to the vegetation part even makes the visual background like an ocean.

3.Advanced B-Train Tankers

To get different varieties of truck simulating experience this Advanced B-train tanker mod will be very helpful. The people in the US have very much love for oil and gasoline. Using these mods you will get the experience of driving the massive gas tankers and how it is populating the iconic roadways for transporting several important substances. The massive tankers like Zetor165Maxterra, Ventures and tray shapes you can drive to make more fun.

4.Misguided Realistic Weather

Welcome weather lovers, this misguided realistic weather mod is entirely for you. Using this you can enjoy the inclement weather like greatest hazards. It will definitely ramp up the stakes and make your driving skills even harder and efficient. You will really feel the drizzling nature of the rain and how hard is to drive the truck in that case. The name misguided came from increasing the danger of navigation provided by this mod file. It is pretty tricky but lovable.

5.New Mountain Textures

If you combine the new mountain mod with the enhance vegetation mode, you will definitely feel the natural beauty around you. In this American truck simulator mod, you get the ATS experience. This game mod is completely based on the American places; they are renowned for all kind of beauty. Different landscapes mainly long-range giant Rocky Mountains with green stumbles. This view provides the real gaming experience.

6.Smarty’s Wheel Pack

If you are a professional car race game lovers, this mod will definitely help you. Smarty’s wheel pack mod is mainly to make your truck wheel more attractive and efficient. Using this mod you can apply different tier models namely Michelins and Goodyear’s of all shapes and sizes which will make your truck simulating experience more wheelistic. Compare to another mod pack this wheeled pack places the top priority, it acts as a good rule of thumb for your wheels

7.Realistic Mirror FOV

Next comes to line, realistic mirror view. We have already seen the realistic headlights, realistic wheels, and the reputation logo. Here comes the rearview mirror mod which helps to see the image of the behind view. You can get a higher clarity vision, so you need not be fear of this aspiring trucker.

8.Longer Yellow lights

Looking into the timing and efficiency, this longer yellow lights mod was originally designed. Think about ourselves, we will definitely drive faster than normal when we pass through the yellow light. The main execution by this mod is the duration of the telltale amber will get extended from minimum seconds to the maximum. The ultimate aim of this mod is to allow the truck simulators to avoid the running of red lights and getting hit. The aim will be achieved as improving the time and efficiency by denying the red light completely.

9.Realistic Head lighting

Other additional features as we promised earlier, the realistic experience in the visualization are also achieved by this realistic head lighting mod. In the night time driving, you have to use headlight for seeing the road. In this truck simulator, using this mod you can get the improved visual accuracy for the headlights which produce the enhanced vision than in normal one. It will provide the spooky experience throughout your overnight ride.

10.Caterpillar 785C Mining Truck

There are so many varieties of trucks available; using caterpillar 785C mining truck mod you will get the experience of driving the heavy load trucks. Pretty tricky, we are ready to put a truck on your truck so you can track while your truck. A nostalgic mod, which has the iconic vehicle and this mod allows you to lug it from place to place. If you want to use this mod pack you need to have Heavy Cargo Pack DLC.

Final Words

Here we come to the end and you can easily pick out the best one to have fun. The details mentioned above will give you a clear idea to pick the best one. The precise list is given below.

  1. Caterpillar 785C Mining Truck
  2. Realistic Head lighting
  3. Longer Yellow lights
  4. Realistic Mirror FOV
  5. Smarty’s Wheel Pack
  6. New Mountain Textures
  7. Misguided Realistic Weather
  8. Advanced B-Train Tankers
  9. Enhanced Vegetation
  10. Realistic Graphics Mod
  11. KilRoY66’s €conomy&XP+Currencies Booster
  12. DP’s Realistic Traffic
  13. Realistic Roads
  14. Actual Day/Nighttime Mod
  15. Volvo VNL670

Pick the best American Truck Simulator Mods and enjoy the ultimate fun in the game. If you find this blog useful do comment.

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