Fix NW-31253-4 Error in PS4 – DNS Issues on Playstation

If you are experiencing the nw-31253-4 -error in PS4 then don’t worry, you are not alone. We have got you covered. Many PS4 users have reported it so there are popular and proven ways to fix it as well. In the following tutorial, we will show you some ways in which you can fix nw-31253-4 error in PS4. Make sure your internet connection is working .Lets dive right into it.

What is NW-31253-4 error and why am I getting it?

Before we start the tutorial, we will brief you just a little bit here. The nw-31253-4 error of PS4 is also called DNS error. DNS error occurs when the computer ( here the PS4 ) is unable to find the IP address of the server. because the main job of a DNS server is to convert domain names into computer-friendly IP addresses. And an error with the DNS service will make your PS4 unable to connect to the store or basically the internet itself. “nw-31253-4 ” is just an error code for DNS error so users can look it up on the web, just like you did !

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How to fix the nw-31253-4 error ?

Since the nw-31253-4 PS4 error is DNS related, we recommend checking your internet connection first to make sure everything is okay from that end. What-ever connection you are using, make sure its working by connecting some other device to it and test internet. If everything with your internet or your router is fine to your knowledge, then read on.

Following are the methods on how to fix nw-31253-4 error in PS4

Fix 1 : Manually changing your DNS settings in PS4

DNS related settings are set to default often times. Most issues with DNS can easily be fixed by manually changing your DNS settings . We will use google’s DNS setting configuration for this fix, and we will also mention some other ones that also seem to work. To apply this fix, follow along.

  • Go to PS4 settings and search for “Network” tab
  • Then choose “Set up internet connection”. This is where we will apply our fixes.

  • Once you are in there, select the option that says “Use a LAN cable”
  • Then select “custom”
  • Leave the IP settings to “default” or “automatic”
  • Select “Do not specify” the DHCP host name

The next settings are the DNS settings which we want to edit. All other settings before the DNS can be left to their defaults.

  • Under DNS settings, choose “manual” settings
  • Now we will need to enter in the “primary” and the “secondary” DNS

Here are some DNS that you can enter

  1. primary – ; secondary –
  2. primary – ; secondary – ( google’s DNS)
  3. primary – ; secondary –

Once you have entered those numbers, you can just leave to default the rest of the stuff

  • Leave MTU settings to automatic and set proxy server to “Do not use”
  • Now you will see a dialog saying “Test your connection”. Click on it
  • Let it perform its thing.

If you are seeing result then guess what ! you have fixed the nw-31253-4 error a.k.a the DNS error in your PS4 . You can check your connection by firing up the store.

Fix 2 : Unplug your Ps4 and re-plug it

This process can be related to resetting the PS4. This might not sound like some tech advice or very smart solution but it works. And what works is always acceptable. So its totally worth a try, especially after the method 1 did not work out for you.

  • First you will need to completely shut-down your PS4
  • Once shut down, unplug the main power cord from the back of the console
  • Also do disconnect all the connected devices such as modems, routers etc. from your console.
  • Do not make haste in plugging everything back in. Give it a minute
  • Connect all your devices back up to the console
  • Connect the power cord back into place and start up the PS4
  • Once started, test your internet connection

Hopefully this time you were able to fix the nw-31253-4 error with your PS4 console. You can also try method-1 and then method-2 while you are at it, just in case.

Anything else I could do ?

Its quite shocking that the issue still is there and our methods did not work out for you ! In that case you will need to try out the online network troubleshooter.

There is a website by sony dedicated to solving internet and DNS related issues with play-station products. The website contains steps and guide on how to troubleshoot and fix network related issues or pretty much all issues that keep you from connecting to the internet. You can visit the website from here

Method 3 : Using a system repair or Re-image tool

Although this issue should have been resolved by now but lets say your PS4 wont work at all ! Then you can try Re-image tool. This tool basically scans pre-existing libraries and repositories and replaces or fixes any corrupt files for you. You can download Re-image tool from here

Final words to wrap it up

The nw-31253-4 error of PS4 is a common error that can encounter any time and it is related with your internet connection. But this is easily fixable by using one or a combination of methods that are mentioned in this tutorial. Here we looked at some methods on how to fix nw-31253-4 in PS4 . We hope that you were able to fix DNS issues with your console using our guides. Cheers and happy gaming !!

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