PS4 Keeps Ejecting Disc Unexpectedly? Learn How to Fix it!

Does your ps4 keeps ejecting disc in the middle of a game play ? That’s extremely annoying, isn’t it. But all you need is the knowledge of a few fixes and tricks and this issue can be solved rather easily. In this article we will see how to prevent the ps4 from ejecting the game disc when it is not supposed to ! Before that, we will have a look at why might your ps4 go rogue and throws the disc out without permission !

Why does your PS4 keeps ejecting disk ?

Well, there can be reasons for this that you might have never thought of ! It is mostly an issue with the non mechanical , capacitive disc eject button. Issues with that button causes the ps4 to eject whatever disc it’s holding. It can be an issue with your PS4 altogether. It’s quite likely that you were sold a internally broken product. In that case you should redeem warranty. But the other reasons also include the rubber foot, fluctuating power supply. Also some poorly screwed screw could cause all this headache.

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Methods to prevent PS4 from Ejecting Disk

What ever is causing the issue, here are some fixes which will help you fix this issue.

1. Manually tighten the disc tray screw

If you look real closer, you will notice there is a screw in the disc tray area. This screw keeps the whole arrangement in it’s place. When there is a disc stuck in there, this screw needs removing if you want to proceed any further. If the aforementioned screw is tightened loosely, that can cause the disc ejection issue with your ps4. So tightening the screw a few revolutions should prevent the random disc ejection.

You should have a long and thin ended star shaped screw driver for this fix. Here’s how it’s done

You can also check out sony’s screw tightening tutorials

  • Firstly, remove all the cabling and power off the ps4.
  • You are recommended to be in a well lit environment
  • Place your PS4 on a table with it’s glossy back plate facing upwards
  • You need to apply a little pressure and force the panel towards you, in a sliding fashion
  • Eventually, the front panel slides out. You can lift it and place it somewhere safe.

Once the panel is out, you need to find the screw. It’s small and it’s well hidden. Here is a picture showing the whereabouts of this screw.

  • Once you find the screw, it’s time to tighten it up.
  • Use your screw driver and rotate the screw clockwise, that will tighten it.
  • If you feel that the screw is now in there deep, it’s time to stop. You are basically done at this point.
  • Do not over-tighten the screw as it may lead to issues worse than random disc ejection !

Once the whole screw mission is done, put the front panel back on, connect the whole thing to it’s wires and power it up. When it boots back to life, just retry your normal routine by playing your games like any other day. This method should fix the disc ejection issue.

2. Remove the rubber feet of the console

There are some small rubber feet that kind of just sit there , and… ? Well they are not useless. They give the console some base clearance and prevent the bottom from scratching against whatever surface you put the console on. But many online communities claim this rubber feet to be the cause of disc ejection !

Turns out, this feet gets warm when the PS4 gets warm. Then the rubber feet expands a little, somehow triggers the capacitive disc ejection button and rest is quite evident. While there can be many who won’t believe this and others who don’t want to remove the rubber feet, removing it is still worth a shot.

Here’s how to do it.

  • Unplug your Ps4 from any cabling.
  • Place the body upside down on a table
  • Find the rubber foot directly underneath the eject button
  • Grab it firmly using your fingers or a pair of pliers, and just pull it out.

Keep the feet somewhere safe as you might need them. Once done, plug everything back and boot. Try some discs, give it some time. The issue should go away.

3. Try the “unplug it and plug it again” fix

The default fix for all life problems ! Just let go and try again. Anyways, this tip is so simple that it won’t even take a whole lot of time to do. Simply,

  • Turn off the PS4 and undo the cabling
  • Press the power button ( while the unit it off ) for about 30 seconds
  • Leave the console lying powerless for 4-5 minutes.
  • Plug everything back on

There is no rocket science used there ! This is also the first fix that sony’s team tell you to perform when you call them up. Do it and see if the problem goes away.

4. Update the ps4 software in safe mode

What if the ps4 disc ejecting issue was not a hardware issue ? What if it was the outdated software all this time making your ps4 feel like it’s haunted ! Fortunately you can update the software, for the record.

We recommend updating software using the safe mode as it simply put, is more reliable.

  • Turn off your ps4 ( shut down ) . Do not disconnect the power
  • Once it’s off ( blue LED blinked ), press and hold the POWER button for around 10 seconds
  • You will be now taken into the safe mode

  • Choose the option that says “Update System software”
  • Just sit back and let the software update.

Once the software is updated, restart your PS4. Try the normal routine now. Drop some discs in there and see if they stop popping out !

5. Call Sony or get warranty

If nothing works for you, hit up sony for receiving service for your ps4. They will surely fix it if nothing mentioned above could.

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Final verdict

Hope you find this guide useful. The first method that involves the screw tightening has fixed the “ps4 keeps ejecting disc” issue for many users. Also you can comment down any other fix that you would like to mention. Cheers and peace O 🙂

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