19+ Games like IMVU in 2020 | Ranked According to Best

IMVU stands for Instant Messaging Virtual Universe is the virtual game which comes into existence since 2004. It is one of the games which connect lots of members throughout the world. The game provides the virtual and easy platform to play within all ages from 13- 25. IMVU gives you the opportunity to create your own avatar and customize its personality based on your wish. It allows the users to interact with many players from all over the world so that they may get the chance to know others culture. There are plenty of games available online for free which works similar to IMVU. Here we have presented you with some most famous and top games like IMVU.

Top 19+ Games Like IMVU

Let us start with out list of Games like IMVU. You can download and start playing many of these IMVU like games for free.

  1. Second Life

Second Life is waiting for you with a lot of entertainment and fun in the virtual world. This game offers you a better platform to reveal your creativity. Create your own 3D contents and put in the social marketplace. Do business in this virtual platform and gather virtual currency as much as you can and change it into real money. Create your own home in this virtual world and much more opportunities will be provided by Second Life.

  1. The Sims Life Stories

If you are the simulation game fan then for sure you may hear about the Sims game. Though The Sims Life Stories has many similarities with Sims the player may experience the game in a different way. The major difference is the game has two different stories with two major characters namely Riley Harlow and Vincent Moore. Your objective in this game is to make these characters succeed in their life. And also you can unlock several items during your journey.

  1. Avakin Life

The uniqueness of IMVU is its ability to connect with people all over the world. So this game which is similar to IMVU will offer you the chance to meet many new friends and have a healthy conversation with them. Avakin Life is free to play and can design and customize your own avatars with trendy and fashion lifestyle. Build your dream apartment and have a crazy life with music, dance and much more with friends.

  1. Habbo Hotel

Habbo Hotel is the app which works like IMVU launched by Sulake. Here you can make friends by creating your own avatar. To personalize your character you will be given with plenty of options while some interesting personalities will under the locked section where you need to pay to unlock them. Explore the game in different themes and join military style in the game and get fictional jobs.

  1. Club Cooee

Create your own character with the given different facial expressions. Shop a huge variety of accessories like clothes, gloves, boots, jackets, vests, wings, crowns, roses, and hats. You can purchase the above-listed items using the game currencies or by standard currencies for some unique things. Next level of this game is to choose your room from three different categories like standard one, quiz rooms and DJ rooms. The awesome feature of this game is the DJ room where you can upload your own songs which others can also hear. Club Cooee also allows the players to enjoy the music along with the dance.

  1. OurWorld

It is one of the famous games released by Flowplay, especially for teen girls. Ourworld virtual site has plenty of interesting action, puzzle games, and much more entertaining tasks. It holds nearly 32,000 virtual items like furniture, clothing, dance clubs, etc.

  1. Twinity

Enjoy the virtual game in cities like Newyork, London, Singapore, and Berlin. Twinity offers you the chance to explore the treasure of big world with friends throughout the world. In addition to that, the Twinity also has the virtual 3D environment to feel the real life in the reel world. Along with the immense connection with the world, you can also create your own island to arrange parties, have fun with extraordinary enjoyment.

  1. Kaneva

Earn Kava coins by creating your own world full of virtual reality. Earn points for each and every task you complete. Show your creativeness to the world by designing your own eye-catching rooms and flats which you can sale in the Kaneva to earn Kava coins. Enjoy the nightlife with dance and club activities, and have fun with live tournaments.

  1. Movie Star Planet

Are you one love to live a life of movie star then this game will surely entertain you. Earn Fame, money and get a chance to show off your avatar with trendy looks. Get a huge fan club with your creative ideas in Movies Star Planet.

  1. Supple

Supple is the free game available online where you are given the female character named Arin Costello. The main aim of the player is to control the life of the character by personalizing the look, finding the job, friends, love, and family to live a virtual life.

Top 20 Best games like IMVU

Apart from the above games, there are many more similar IMVU alternatives. Here’s the full list of 20 such games.

  1. Second Life
  2. The Sims life stories
  3. Avakin Life
  4. Habbo Hotel
  5. Club Cooee
  6. OurWorld
  7. Twinity
  8. Kaneva
  9. Movie Star Planet
  10. Supple
  11. Touch
  12. InWorldz
  13. GoJiyo
  14. Village Life
  15. Onverse
  16. The Sims
  17. Minecraft
  18. Woozworld Review
  19. Desperate Housewives: The Game
  20. Miami Nights: Single in the city

Let me conclude the list here. The above-listed games provide you the trending virtual life where you can fulfill your dream life. If you are a great fan of IMVU then just take a short break and explore these games as well.

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