Discord Roles and Permissions | Explained in Detail

Discord is the kinda “standard” platform if you and your friends enjoy multiplayer games together. Discord allows users to create and host “servers” or “channels”. These “channels” can then be joined by your friends and even other people. Some people have huge community level channels so we now know that this is not joking, people take that very seriously. but what are discord roles and permissions are anyway?

You might have came across many games which have communities, teams etc. Chances are they also have players with special “positions” or “roles” in the team. Like you have the “leader” in the team along with some “elders”. You could have a “sniper” which usually has a good aim, or the “medic” or the “rusher” or the “camper” Etc. ( who keeps campers in their teams ! ) So you get the point. Below is some more details what exactly does the role feature of discord do in real life.

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What can the discord roles and permissions do ?

There is a great documentation about discord roles on the discord’s official page. But we have boiled down the essentials here to make things easy. Roles in discord allow you to distribute some authority to some of your people. For example, you can apply or assign roles to different people to be able to post pictures, post links or gifs or whatever. You could have “co-leaders” which could have the authority to kick people , invite players or play music etc.

So discord roles are useful for

  • Letting other people have some control over the channel such as posting information and pictures
  • Maintain people in your channel by assigning “moderators” which can kick people or send invites
  • Let people play music in the background and even manage the roles which we have assigned.

Lets learn how to manage roles in discord

  • Firstly, open the discord channel. For you to create new roles, either you must be the owner of the channel or you must have the permissions to do so.
  • On the upper left corner you will see a small down arrow button. Click it to open the settings menu.

  • Browse to the server settings
  • Once you are in there, you will see the option that says ROLES. Click on that one
  • You will be greeted with a screen that looks like this

This is the role screen. This is where we will assign new roles and manage the ones that previously exist.

  • You will notice a role called @everyone. This is the default role that is created by discord and is assigned to everyone who joins your server.

To create a new discord role

  1. Click the small (+) plus button right to the ROLES heading.
  2. A new role with name “new role” has now been created.

Now that a role has been created, now it’s time to put all your creativity on the table ! Give your new role a fancy rename by start typing into the text-area as shown in the picture above. You can choose the name of your choice. If you want our recommendation, we recommend the following roles

  • The “Co-leader” or “Co-captain” : Invites new people, kicks spam out, manages the server when you aren’t around.
  • The “elder” : Posts links and photos etc
  • A “Master-user” which you can assign to your close friends and give them much more admin powers
  • And at last there’s the @everyone which we already discussed.

Also did we mention that you can change the colors ? Yes you can ! Assign your favorite colors to your role names. The people with those roles will be highlighted with that color in the discord chat. You can go as far as your inner gamer takes you !

Alright. You have created fancy new “roles” for your discord community and you are all set. But what about permissions ? To that, these role names are nothing meaningful without assigned permissions. Lets see how that’s done

Adding/Assigning permissions to discord roles

Assigning permissions to discord roles is super easy.

  • In the same screen on which you add role names and assign colors to them, the options given below are your permissions
  • You can choose various permissions for each of your role name
  • Various permissions include( but not limited to ) re-assinging roles as you just did , kick players , ban players , send invites , play music.
  • You can make special roles appear separately on the server’s home page when the designated person is online.

You can check out all the permissions in this list for yourself. There are a bunch of options there. Also if you ever want the need to delete a created role, that’s super easy as well. Just right click the role and delete.

Also don’t forget to click the “save changes and exit” button at the bottom of this page to have your new role take effect. Now you have successfully created some new and fresh roles for your discord server and let’s see how you can assign them to the community members

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Assigning the discord role to a person

  • Just close this screen and go back to the main screen, where all the people will appear on the menu on the right side
  • To assign a role to someone, simply right click the person and you will see Roles option on the bottom of the menu
  • Assign what-ever role you choose
  • And you are basically done at this step.

Final verdict

Now that you have reached this point, you have the knowledge of what discord roles and permissions are, how to make and customize your own roles and how to assign the new roles to the people in your server. We hope you liked our guide. Feel free to comment down below what you think. Cheers and peace O : )

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