16 Best Voice Changer for Discord in 2020 [Download Free]

It’s rightly said, “if you gotta do it , better do it in style”. This applies to discord chat too ! Yes you read that correct. If you want to voice chat using discord, why not do that with style as well. And by style we refer to those voice changers that very effortlessly change your voice to whatever fancy animal ( or alien ) you like ! For example, you might have seen voices of “minions” , or “optimus prime” , or a “chipmunk”. All thanks to voice changers applications. But what are some great voice changers for discord? Answered right below.

What are some popular voice changers for discord ?

Well there are a ton of them. We can’t even cover all of them in one text here. But what we do have is a little description of some of the most popular ones. Also down there are more recommendations of other voice changers that can be used for discord or other games. So let’s dive right into it

Best Voice changers for discord

So here are some of the best Free Voice Changer for Discord;

1. Voicemod voice changer

Coming in at our first recommendation is the voicemod voice changer program. It is one of the most popular voice changers . It’s not the only app out there that does this but it comes bundled with a lot of cool features and other benefits.

Why we like voicemod ?

  • It is super easy to install and use
  • Voice quality is much better than other voice changers that we tested
  • The voice options on voicemod are also more than other apps
  • Can be used with other games such as pubg , fortnite and chat services like skype etc.

Voicemod has a free version and a pro version if you want to be more creative with the app. You can learn more and install voicemod from voicemod’s website

2. Clownfish voice changer

Our pick number 2 is clownfish . It is a free voice changer for windows that is very simple to install on the computer. It uses the voice from your microphone and converts it. So you will just need a working mic and you will be good to go. It has many effects like alien,  robt, male, female, little baby, and radioman etc. While the number of effects are not as much as voicemod , the sound effect quality is on par.

why we like clownfish ?

  • Easy to install
  • Uses the microphone in the background so can be used of apps other than discord such as skype etc.
  • It is totally free so you can easily get it on the windows store and pay nothing.

You can download clownfish from the clownfish website.

3. Voxal voice changer for windows

The Voxal voice changer is a powerful tool. It packs neat features like real-time voice changing and even changing and converting the voice tracks that you have already recorded ! The voxal VC is super fast and there is no noticeable delay between chat when using discord. The library of sounds that voxal is packed with is also substantial.

Ranging from robot to girls to aliens to echoistic, voxal got them all ! Only thing, Voxal is not a freeware. The trial version is free though, which lasts a couple of weeks. Voxal provides fast and real time voice changing for discord. You can learn more about the pricing and download the free version from this website.

4.MorphVOX voice changer

MorphVOX is freeware and easy to use voice changer. It does what it is supposed to do, right. It offers sound effects like man, woman, child , robot etc. The application analyzes your sound and keeps it as natural as needed. But there are some drawbacks though. It is clustered with a ton of ads. And setting it up for discord is no easy feat either. But its free 😀 . You make the tradeoff.

Still the MorphVOX earns a spot here on this list. You can get it from this website .

5. AV voice changer

AV voice changer is for the “professional” and “editor” category of people. The ones who want all the features in the world. If you are one of those, this is the one for you.

The AV voice changer has a built in graph editor so you can record your voice and make changes to the editing timeline and create your own effects !

Also this app can be used for real time voice changing as many of you guys would like it to do. This app works just fine with Discord and twitch so it is a plus here. The effects that are built in include deeper, higher, younger, older,  feminine, masculine, robotic etc.

It comes in basic , gold and upto diamond level packages which you can pick according to needs from here

6. RoboVox VC

RoboVox is a voice changer which is super easy to use with discord. The app offers a wide variety of effects including 32 free ones. There include chipmunks,  Darth vader , robots etc. It can be turend off and back on super quickly and it is kinda light weight.

Definitely recommended. Grab the installer from here.

7. Voice changer plus

This is a free application for windows. It does what it’s supposed to do. it can record your voice and you can change it to whatever you like. Also it comes bundled with some pretty cool and funny sound effects which you can also test out. Just tap the button and record something, apply the effect and you are good to go.

You ca learn more about voice changer plus from this website

8. Voice changer with effects

Voice changer with effects is an app that comes with around 35 free voice effect templates and easy to use UI. You can choose your voice effect like helium, robot , telephone etc. 

Grab the installer for voice changer with effects from the softonic site

Cool & Free voice changer for discord

Our mentioned picks and a few other picks that are worth a try are mentioned below

  1. Voicemod VC
  2. Clownfish
  3. Voxal voice changer
  4. MorphVOX
  5. AV voice changer
  6. RoboVOX VC
  7. Voice changer plus
  8. Voice changer with effects

Other notable ones :

  1. SuperVoice changer
  2. Discord voice changer
  3. Mumble VC
  4. Funny call
  5. Team Speak 3 voice changer
  6. Amazing mp3 recorder
  7. Power sound editor
  8. Fun call voice changer

Final verdict

Hope you liked our compilation of popular voice mods for discord and other apps . Also be sure to comment below any other notable ones that you have tried and would like to share. Cheers and peace 🙂

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