Mining Simulator Codes 2020 [Get Special Goodies]

Do you play Mining Simulator ? And want some free items and rare crates and some extra in game cash ? Then you are reading the correct post for sure ! In this post we have compiled for you, the list of Mining Simulator codes that can be used to get extra in game stuff. Also mentioned is a few game details that you should definitely check out.

What is Mining Simulator

If you are looking for just the codes and you have plenty information about the game, you might very well skip this entire section and proceed downwards towards the mining simulator codes. Otherwise you can read on !

More on the game

Mining Simulator is a roblox based game. It is developed by Rumble studios and it has won quite some awards including the Builderman’s award of excellence etc. The motto of the game feels and looks very similar to minecraft. You basically have to mine your way to success ! You can team up with your friends, or go on a solo mining expedition to discover rare gems and become rich! Strike diamonds, become rich, travel to different worlds, collect pets, hats, and just keep exploring this vast and really enjoyable game.

How do Roblox Mining Simulator codes work?

Just like any other roblox based extension and their codes, the mining simulator codes are added and updated by the developer itself. How to keep track of them ? Just follow the respective developer on social media and you are good to go. Anyway, the codes are regularly added to the game and you must use them before they get expired !

Follow developer’s twitter from here and the official Rumble studios discord server from here.

How to Redeem Mining Simulator Codes?

For entering the codes and redeeming the prized items, here is the process. To redeem a code, click the button on the left side of the screen labeled Codes (with a Twitter icon). Input the code into the text box that appears and press the Enter button to confirm.

Codes are not case-sensitive so it doesn’t matter if you type in block letters or not, they will work as expected.

All Mining Simulator Codes 2020

Alright. Having all the talk out of the way it’s finally time for us to share Mining Simulator codes. So here we go !

Note that these codes are grouped such as the most recent ones are at the top

  • Coin-icon = coins
  • Rebirth token-icon = Rebirth tokens


AnniversaryCrate Legendary Hat crate
AnniversaryEgg Legendary egg
AnniversaryTokens 250 Rebirth token-icon
1Year 70 Rebirth token-icon
DefildPlays  Rare Crate
DefildPlays2 1,500 Coin-icon
Eggo! Unique Egg
Pets 100 Coin-icon
Eggs Unique Egg
Ore 500 Coin-icon
Danger 250 Coin-icon
Cave Unique Crate
Fans 2,500 Coin-icon
Dino 2,000 Coin-icon
FutureMSOwner Coin-icon
Momma Rare Egg
Lamb Sauce Skin: Lamb Sauce
Defild Is Awesome Epic Crate
HiddenTreasure 2,000 Coin-icon
Aliens 1,250 Coin-icon
Comic Skin: Comic
EPIC 1,500 Coin-icon
Update! 1,500 Coin-icon
Awesome Rare Egg
Español 2,500 Coin-icon
HATS! Rare Hat Crate
MoreHats Rare Hat Crate
EvenMoreHats Rare Hat Crate
LotsOfCoins 1,000 Coin-icon
Secret Rare Egg
Easter Rare Hat Crate
Bunny 500 Coin-icon
Crainer 1,000 Coin-icon
CrainerGamer Rare Hat Crate
Silver Unique Egg
Rumble Rare Egg
Isaac 1,000 Coin-icon
DABBIN 2,000 Coin-icon
CrazieGamerSquad Rare Hat Crate
CrazieGamer 1,200 Coin-icon
Quests 2,000 Coin-icon
Mission Rare Hat Crate
Rebirth 1,200 Coin-icon
RumbleStudios Rare Egg
Candy 2,000 Coin-icon
Sweets Rare Hat Crate
Lollipop 1,200 Coin-icon
Icecream Rare Egg
PinkArmy Epic Hat Crate
PinkArmySkin Skin: Pink Army
Abstract Skin: Abstract
Pumped Rare Hat Crate
GummyBears Rare Hat Crate
JellyBean 2,500 Coin-icon
Coal 2,000 Coin-icon
RexexSquad 5,000 Coin-icon
WeBreakRoblox 20,000 Coin-icon
Money 10,000 Coin-icon
ToyLand Epic Hat Crate
StuffedAnimal 2,000 Coin-icon
Train 2,500 Coin-icon
SandBox Epic Crate
PlushyShadowScythe 1,299 Coin-icon
PlushyScythe 5,000 Coin-icon
ToyChest Epic Hat Crate
Unobtainible Epic Crate
Bear 2,000 Coin-icon
Arcade 2,500 Coin-icon
Games Rare Egg
Plushy Epic Egg
Exclusive 50,000 Coin-icon
Retro Skin: Retro Gamer
Bread 10,000 Coin-icon
Toast Epic Hat Crate
Jam 2,000 Coin-icon
AppleJuice 2,500 Coin-icon
Invasion Epic Crate
BreadLand 1,299 Coin-icon
Sneaky 5,000 Coin-icon
Overhaul Epic Hat Crate
NewStart Rare Egg
T-Rex 5,000 Coin-icon
Dinosaur 5,000 Coin-icon
100Million Legendary Crate
Rebirths Legendary Egg
Grind Legendary Crate
Gamer Legendary Hat Crate
Golden 5,000 Coin-icon
Lucky Omega Hat Crate
DiggingDeep Legendary Hat Crate
TheRamblingNation Omega Hat Crate
SecretEgg Legendary Egg
Level Legendary Crate
Bonus Legendary Hat Crate
Trades 5,000 Coin-icon
ILOVECODES Legendary Hat Crate
SuperSecretCode Legendary Egg
LegendaryEggCode Legendary Egg
LegendaryHatCode Legendary Hat Crate
Atlantis Rare Hat Crate
Water Rare Hat Crate
Sand 5,000 Coin-icon
Koala 10,000 Coin-icon
Catman 20 Rebirth token-icon
HammieJammieSucks 20 Rebirth token-icon
HammieJammieSucksx2 20 Rebirth token-icon
America 80 Rebirth token-icon
PatrioticStars Legendary Egg
Patriot Legendary Hat Crate
CoolWater Legendary Egg
Lemonaide Legendary Crate
Vacation Legendary Hat Crate
Summer 5,000 Coin-icon
NosniyIsCool 50 Rebirth token-icon
HammieJammieDoesntSuck 50 Rebirth token-icon
BaconHair Legendary Egg
Scorch Legendary Hat Crate
Skies Legendary Egg
Fluffy Legendary Crate
Dreamy Legendary Hat Crate
sircfenner 70 Rebirth token-icon
July21st 150 Rebirth token-icon
UnderTheSea 2,500 Coin-icon
SandCastles 50 Rebirth token-icon
BeachBall Legendary Egg
Sunscreen Legendary Hat Crate
Sandy Legendary Crate
HammieJammieSucksxInfinity 20 Rebirth token-icon
NewQuests 50 Rebirth token-icon
Oof 70 Rebirth token-icon
Light Legendary Egg
Adventure Legendary Hat Crate
Challenge 70 Rebirth token-icon
GetSlicked 50
Rainbowite Legendary Egg
MineAlot Legendary Hat Crate
SummerParadise 70 Rebirth token-icon
Wings 70 Rebirth token-icon
Dominus Epic Accessory Crate
Valkyrie Legendary Egg
Duckie Legendary Hat Crate
owo 70 Rebirth token-icon
Shiny 70 Rebirth token-icon
NoU Epic Accessory Crate
Memes Legendary Egg
Yeet Legendary Hat Crate
Accessories 70 Rebirth token-icon
ImOutOfCodeIdeas 70 Rebirth token-icon
Trails 70 Rebirth token-icon
TrailUpdate Epic Accessory Crate
BigL Legendary Egg
BigW Legendary Hat Crate
TooManyCodes 70 Rebirth token-icon
NewTwitch Epic Accessory Crate
FollowUs Legendary Egg
SubscribePls Legendary Hat Crate
ISeriouslyNeedMoreCodeIdeas 70 Rebirth token-icon
SuperGems 50 Rebirth token-icon
EventQuest Omega Hat Crate
Duck Legendary Egg
Goose Legendary Hat Crate
Ghosts Omega Hat Crate
Pumpkin Legendary Egg
TrickOrTreat Legendary Hat Crate
Candy! Spooky Trail Crate
JackOLantern Legendary Egg
Witches Legendary Hat Crate
BroomSticks Spooky Trail Crate
Pumpkins Legendary Egg
Scary Legendary Hat Crate
Ghosty Spooky Trail Crate
Fright Legendary Hat Crate
ImOutOfCodeIdeas2 70 Rebirth token-icon
ILoveTokens 70 Rebirth token-icon
#ChristmasHype 250 Rebirth token-icon
TooManyCodesSmh Legendary Egg
HelpPls Legendary Hat Crate
MoreMoreCode 70 Rebirth token-icon
MoreMoreTokens 70 Rebirth token-icon
EpicTokens 250 Rebirth token-icon
AwesomeLegendary Legendary Egg
SuperCrate Legendary Hat Crate

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Final Words

You now have reached the end of the mining simulator codes guide. Hope you were able to redeem some special goods using the codes mentioned above. Know any codes yourself ? Why not mention them down below in the comments ! Cheers and peace.

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