19 Simulation Games like The Sims [Play on PC, Android, Online]

Sims is one of the most famous and unforgettable game played by many game lovers all over the world. If you are one who loves and enjoy Sims and want to explore some other games like The Sims then you are in the right place. Sims can only get the opportunity to control their people by making them cook, pay bills, creating a family and have a job much more. If you are a mega fan of Sims then definitely you may have come across many Sims versions. So you may be thinking about some other new games which give the same feel.

In this article, we will be sharing a total of 19 life simulation games like The Sims. You can easily download and enjoy these games on your PC or Laptop.

List of Best games Like Sims

Here is the list of best games like Sims which you must download and experience it.

  1. My Time at Portia

Just take a break from Sims and start a new life in Portia. Sounds like you are gonna start a new life right? Yeah if you are in the game “My Time at Portia” then definitely you will get the feel of real life. This is the game which offers you plenty of ways to make a great life. Here you can do fishing, mining, farming, crafting, get a workshop from a neighbor and earn a profit, and cook as you wish. Portia will also give you the chance to have love, a beautiful house, and lovely friends.

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  1. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

It’s a free mobile game which you can download other than Sims to have a great time. Some of the features of this game are:

  • Design a campsite, tents, hammocks, cabin as you wish.
  • Enjoy the Garden events, Fishing Tourneys and also collect some fresh themed items.
  • The best feature is the presence of more than 100 different animals with peculiar characters.

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  1. IMVU

IMVU represents Instant Messaging Virtual Universe is one of the best games similar to that of Sims released in 2004. Here you can design and create your own 3D avatars. Connect with the people throughout the world using your 3D avatars. Meet many friends and purchase many interesting items in this multiplayer game. Here you can customize your avatar’s personality as you wish. It’s easy to download in Android and iOS devices.

  1. Family House

It is the free game available in both iOS and Android to create an ultimate beautiful dollhouse. Build many houses and keep family members in it and to get rents from them to renovate the house. Get the chance to grow fruits and vegetables, in addition to that cook your meals with things from your own garden. The family house gives you the opportunity to make family and have pets and much more.

  1. Stardew Valley

Here is another most interesting game called Stardew Valley which looks like the Sims. This game provides you the land to create your own farm and a dream house. Get a strong relationship with every character in the house. In this, you can hear different and interesting stories behind every resident. Above all, you can get the chance to do fishing, mining, and cooking other than farming in this valley.

  1. Kudos

Kudos works similarly like the Sims where you have the control of your character. One different thing in this Kudos is your character life will end at the age of 30 which mean only 10 years of control will be in your hands. These games give importance to improve your characters mental perspective. Shape your character with different ideas and give homes and restaurants to your sims.

  1. Lady Popular

Girls will really love this game as it only involves the fashion thing. Go shopping to collect your own costumes to get into the fashion contests. It is one of the best games like the Sims. Lady Popular is the best online dress up and fashion game has malls, boyfriends, duels, and mini-games. Beautify your look with adorable collections of dresses, makeup kits, and other accessories. Customize your lifestyle with luxury apartments and decorative rooms.

  1. Cities: Skylines

Be the lord in this game and decide the fate of your Sims. You are the creator and you have the power to make their life full of happiness and being the reason for their struggles and traps they meet. Here a big city will be under your control. Furthermore in Cities: Skylines you can even manage huge disasters.

  1. My Sunny Resort

In this game you will be provided with the empty lands where your job is to create it into a sunny vacation destination. Design and build both incredible rooms and high budget-oriented rooms to have both family and weekend visitors. Enjoy the fun of My Sunny Resort like other Sims installments.

  1. Two Point Hospital

It is the game which you need more focus to play. In contrast to other game here, you will be building the hospitals and create sections to treat the patients accordingly. Two Point Hospital is the games like the Sims where you need to give medications to the patient, and in addition to that, you also have the job to train your staff and create the machines for tests.

Top 19 Simulation Games Like Sims

The list of best games like Sims does not end with the above list. There are even more games which work similarly to that of Sims. Here are all the games which have the feel of Sims while playing.

  1. My Time at Portia
  2. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp
  3. IMVU
  4. Stardew Valley
  5. Kudos
  6. Lady Popular
  7. Cities: Skylines
  8. My Sunny Resort
  9. Two Point Hospital
  10. Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles
  11. Farming Simulator 19
  12. Virtual Families
  13. Second Life
  14. Club Cooee
  15. Singles: Flirt Your Life Up
  16. Life Quest
  17. Animal Crossing: New Leaf
  18. Spore: Managing a Civilization of Creatures
  19. The Movies

Finally, the list ends up here. We listed games that are available on Steam, Origin. Some of these Sims alternative games listed above can be played on Android as well. So, we tried to list games for everyone.

If you think these are the only games like Sims then you are wrong these are some of the best which I picked up. In conclusion, there are more games which have the same sense of Sims which you can download and enjoy. For now, install these games and start building your own home or land in any of these Simulation games.

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