Grand Chase Tier List – Best Characters in the Game

Grand chase is a free to play game. It is a game that requires you to make a character and play the role of it. You can make other characters also but you need to purchase the slots for that. What ! A single slot in the start of the game ? How do I know if I am choosing and upgrading the right character ? Well that’s where we come in and save the day ! Follow along this guide and learn more about Grand Chase tier list of some great characters in the game.

Grand Chase Plot and Storyline:

Grand chase is an RPG ( role playing game ). Each character is leveled and upgraded individually. The quests in the game ( also called expeditions ) provide you EXPs or experience points which are used to upgrade the existing characters. You can also gain some more EXP by playing the game in PvP mode ( player vs player mode ) or multiplayer.

Story line

As the legends have it ! The story line goes something like this. The story focuses on the adventure of the Grand Chase group originally by ElesisLire, and Arme, who depart from the region of Bermesiah to hunt down the sorceress Kaze’aze who was the cause of a civil war. The mentioned characters are also a part of the game. Following is the grand chase tier list.

What is the grand chase tier list?

So after having talked a bit about the game itself, it’s time to unveil grand chase tier list which you can use to have an idea what character to put time into. And similarly which ones to discard from the beginning.

Also you can try out the diary option in the game menu where you can read more and even try out each and every character. This should also help to make your own decision and cross check if your choice was correct.

Types of characters in grand chase

There types of characters do exist in the game.

  • The Assault : You know it means business when it says assault on the name ! These units do the attacking and hitting part. They generally do have a very modest health so you need to protect them.
  • The Guardians : They are the defenders. They play passive but when needed, deliver a great shot ! That is all what matters at last
  • The Mage : Provides special effects in the game and mostly acts as a supporter for other troops. You can play active or passive with these units and they do a fine job across the board
  • The support : Provides healing and backup when needed in a pinch. Backup always ready !
  • The archers : They also are attackers but they prefer to keep their distance from the main fight and participate only from a distance. That’s archer for you ! They also have very modest health and similar damage so we recommend less from them
  • The Tanks : They are huge health beefs and have massive health advantage. What they lack fighting hit points. It is almost never a good idea to invest all the time in a tank. They are good for sometime but if you want to rank higher, you will need fighting troops.

We have ranked the troops in the game according to 3 criteria and 5 categories.

Criteria :

  • PvE : player vs environment
  • PvP : Player vs player
  • Dimensional Boss

Categories :

  1. The best (SS)
  2. The great (S)
  3. The goods (A)
  4. The usable (B)
  5. The trashy (C)

Note that each character in the game gets the rank so identification of better character becomes easier. The listing convention is as follows

character_name : role / PvE / PvP  / Dimensional Bosses

The Complete Grand Chase Tier List

  • Lass : Assault / SS / SS / SS
  • Dio : Assault / S / SS / A
  • Elesis : Assault / SS / S / S
  • Sieghart : Assault / S / S / B
  • Ronan : Guardian / S / SS / B
  • Jin : Guardian SS S SS
  • Ley : Mage / SS / SS / SS
  • Mari : Mage / S / A / A
  • Arme : Mage / S / A / A
  • Amy : Support / SS / SS / SS
  • Ryan :  Guardian / SS / A / B
  • Rufus : Archer / S / A / SS
  • Lire : Archer / A / A / SS
  • Serdin : Support / A / B/ B
  • Veigas : Mage / S / S / SS
  • Hanout : Assault / B / S / C
  • Charon : Archer / B / B / S
  • Poseidon : Guardian / B / S/ C
  • Cleo : Support / B / SS / C
  • Dullahan : Guardian / B / B / C
  • Captain Boar : Guardian / B / SS / C
  • Dark Nephilim S Mage A A A
  • Turmeric : Mage / B / B / B
  • Sage : Support / A / A / B
  • Lime : Support / S/ SS / A
  • Rin : Support / S / SS / A
  • Tarragon : Mage / B / B / C
  • Olivia :  Assault / A / S / A
  • Sachi : Support / B / S / C
  • Rasel :  Mage / A / A / A

All the characters in the game are mentioned in the above grand chase tier list. You can choose the characters accordingly. Whether you are an attacking type of player, or a defensive one, or you love long range attacks ! There is a character for you.

Looking for a shorter tier list?

  1. Lass
  2. Mari
  3. Sieghart
  4. Olivia
  5. Sage
  6. Captain Boar
  7. Charon
  8. Sachi
  9. Ryan
  10. Ronan
  11. Arme
  12. Bergamot
  13. Rasel
  14. Cleo
  15. Hanaout
  16. Jin
  17. Elessis
  18. Lime
  19. Rin
  20. Ley

As you will probably notice , most of the characters mentioned above in the lists comprise of attackers and mages. We hardly mention any tank or defensive options too openly. These characters might seem a better option at first but as you progress in the game, you will eventually have to switch to a hard hitter. So do that from the beginning !

Final verdict

You now have reached the end of this writing. If you liked our grand chase tier list and found any useful suggestions, let us know in the comments below. Cheers and peace !

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