How to Add Bots to Discord Server?

Discord is a chatting and messaging platform meant for gamers. You might have heard of it before somewhere. It does all what your average chatting application along with other special stuff such as creating custom rooms, face-time and voice-chats. You must be wondering what have “BOTS” got to do with such an application? In short, they make the functionality even better and slicker ! In the following writing, we will learn how to add bots to discord server. Lets dive in.

What are “discord bots” ?

You might have heard the term “discord bots” or “adding discord bots to server”. But what exactly are these bots ? Turns out, these “bots” are not real robots, at-least not entirely. Bots here do refer to software or codes that execute and perform some functionality that increases and enhances user experience. Thus these bots are software, and like an software, they can be “downloaded” or included to your discord server. Each bot has some functionality of its own. Bots are like plugins of discord and can be added to the server and removed with the consent of the server admin. Some various examples of bot functions include

  • Server Management ( kicking or adding members, banning or muting other people ) via commands
  • Bots can play music in the background
  • Chat bots find great usage to mimic humans and also for automated chatting
  • Create spam filters and report spam.
  • And adding any other functionality in discord which is absent, like ranking system for players etc.

So, bots are useful. But how do we add bots to our discord server? Well, follow along.

How to add bots to discord server

Following ways will set you up so you can add your favorite bot to your discord server.

Way 1 : Adding bots to discord by downloading it from the internet

As we just mentioned, the bots we are talking about here is just a piece of code and therefore it can be downloaded like any other code. To download bot directly follow along the steps

  • First up, make sure that you “log in” in your discord account and have a server. Otherwise you can login or create a server on  discord
  • If you are logged in, go to your server settings and make sure ” manage server ” option is ticked.

  • There are some websites from which you can download and add bots to your discord server in simple painless button clicks. A famous one and our recommendation is
  • On, there is a large variety of bots that serve various functionalities. Pick the one that you like
  • click on the “add the bot to server” button on top right corner of the selected bot as shown in the picture.

  • You will be seeing a prompt when you click the “add bot to server” button that will require you to authorize your server.
  • You might be greeted with a “I am not a robot capcha” which you will need to fill to continue.
  • Select your server from the drop-down menu that appears and click “authorize”  and click “yes” to any steps.
  • All said and done, your new bot is now added to your discord server !

To check if the bot is added to the server, log in your discord account from discord and check your server’s sidebar for the newly added bot.

Way 2 : Adding a bot from github

Github is a huge code repository that houses an insanely huge amount of projects, ranging from open source projects to projects from massive tech giant companies. As our friendly discord bot is also just code, there are no surprises that these bots are found in various github repositories from many developers.

To add a bot to your server which is hosted on github, what we will be going to use is a “webhook”. Discord’s built in webhooks function as an easy way to get automated messages and data updates sent to a text channel in your server. By creating a webhook endpoint in your server, you’ll generate a Webhook URL that you can drop into a number of different other services to link them. Here is how these webhooks work.

  • Go to your discord server settings and search for webhook menu and click on it.

  • Now click on the “create webhook” button on top right corner of the window.

You can edit a few options from here as well, they include

  •  Edit the avatar: Avatar is your mini pic with cool animation. You can select your own by clicking the avatar next to the Name in the top left
  • Choose what channel the Webhook posts to: select the desired text channel in the  dropdown menu.
  • Name your Webhook: Naming all your webhooks isgood for distinguishing multiple webhooks for multiple different services.

You now have your own handy URL !

Now using this webhook to add bots to our server

  • Go to “”
  • Search for your favorite bot by looking it up in the search bar

  • Click on your favorite bot
  • We just need the LINK of the bot , to get that click the green download button
  • Select or copy the link that appears bedside the download button


  • Click on repository settings and select webhooks


  • Click the “Add webhook” button and enter the Discord webhook link that we just created in the above steps
  • Save and Exit

By doing this, you now added the bot into your discord server but also, you will be receiving all updates .whenever the repository gets an update or any bugs get fix, the changes take place in your server environment also, which is a plus. This method ensures both updates and making those bots available to you which perhaps are not on the bot store

Other ways also exist

  • You can download more bots by going to “” and browsing for your bot
  • If you are a developer and love programming, you can make your own bot and host it on github where other people can download it from !

Wherever you choose you download the bot from, the process is always going to be the same as mentioned above

Where to download more bots !

To download and use more bots in your discord server , go to

We hope that this tutorial helped you to add some new and cool bots to your discord ! Cheers.

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