16+ Best Rim World Mods Everyone Should Explore (2020)

Rim world is different from the normal genre of the games. It is an epic survival game that can build their dynasty. To be precise this game is all about the spaceship survivors who can build their own place to survive and hunt for their food. You have to build your defense to protect you from your enemies and large disasters. There is a big expectation behind this game for its upcoming updates. You can feel the real living experience through this game.

Best 10 Rim world mods 

Even though all the positives, there are some additional features are required to reach the peak. Here comes the role of the mod files it indirectly plays the role of extrapolating the visualizing and playing experience. In this review, we are going to discuss different basic and essential mods and their internal specifications towards the game. We are damn sure that we will give an amazing experience in it.

1. Colony Manager

The first and best mod for the rim world is the colony manager. With the help of this mod, you can take out all the small level of work such as rabbit hunting and timber manufacturing from the wood cutting. Your part of the work is to designate and allocate the work to a particular person. Your colonists will take care of the remaining part. The manager will also help with auto-butchering, taming and training.

2. EDP Prepare carefully

Hey noobie, don’t use this mod before knowing the dev Tynan Sylvester’s intention. Just explore the game one time. If you feel, you are not satisfied. EDP prepare carefully mod will definitely fulfill your needs. It provides the features to tweak everything about your own colonists such as the name, status, traits, and equipment. It provides well-allocated options to pick your desired resources. The real fun is more colonists are armed with the laser weapon.

3. Tech Advancing

Technical advancement is always a big mod for all games. In the case of the rim world, it lies with the same responsibility. The GHX has done this handy little mod to get advanced techy based on your search in the game. It can be clearly explained. If you looking for all tech level X and below then the tech level rises to the X+1. It is a neat clear and strategically designed mod.

4. RAH’s Bionics and Surgery Expansion

Once the specifications are briefed you will easily know about its importance. RBSE is a proper mod received because of the community. It allows for the synthetic organs, brain implants, advanced bionics and prosthetics to use. The well-versed and highly equipped surgeries are performed here. The implants allow for the bone repairing and whole slew changes. It has LITE and a Hardcore of surgical versions.

5. Mod Manager

The selection of the required mod is an easy process but allocating the mod is really a bit tough. So Mod manager will take care of that work. It is a reminiscent work of the nexus mod manager. It is a quite simple way of the list organizing and list saving and store a local copy. In this mod, you can get a better user interface to work and allocate each and every mod. Less of an issue now, you can feel that this mod is still useful if you want to ensure safety.

6. Colour coded moods

Everybody has a different mindset while playing the game. Similarly, the colonist in the game also has different moods. To distinguish it, different color codes are allocated by this mod developers. Color-coded moods provide an easy way to understand the mood of the colonist. The color changes in the bar depend on the mood. For example, Green for happy, yellow for meh, red for sad.

7. Common sense mod

Common sense mod is definitely very much suitable for this rim world game. In the name itself, it can clearly understand the work and place should be proper and clear. The highly frustrating moment, if we prepare the beautiful laid out and theme park, it would be easily classified. To prevent this and also the colonist should be smarted this mod is introduced to the rim world adventure.

8. Replace stuff

By default, replace stuff mod helps to upgrade the walls and items. You can easily place the items over the walls and make it different. A handy adventure, it will be flooring with the wood.  Without this mod, you can’t extend your perimeter wall also can’t upgrade or replace the items. It is very dangerous in this game. The only option is you can break it down then replace it.

9. Realistic rooms

Here comes the visual treat, Realistic rooms is really a better mod for experiencing a high level of visual experience. Realistic rooms mainly work to reduce the size requirements for the bedrooms and provide the space for proper management. It indirectly makes the stuff easier. In the game, you can control three colonists. Because of improper space allocation, the may get upset by without eating.

10. Research Pal

Research Pal mod completely focuses on the research work. The research work allocation is also a bit confusing and finicky stuff in the game. Once you start adding the research from the mods, it starts forming the cluster together on the tree and makes it very difficult to follow. This mod clears all the stuff and allow you to choose the research and automatically queue the obligatory steps.

Final Words

Here we come to the end and you can easily pick out the best one to have fun. The details mentioned above will give you a clear idea to pick the best one. The precise list is given below.

  1. Common sense mod
  2. While you are up
  3. Colour coded moods
  4. Replace stuff
  5. Mod Manager
  6. Colony Manager
  7. Tech Advancing
  8. RAH’s Bionics and Surgery Expansion
  9. EDP Prepare carefully
  10. Realistic rooms
  11. Dubs Break mod
  12. Dubs bad hygiene
  13. Research Pal
  14. Misc robots++
  15. Save our ship
  16. Fashion Rims

Pick the best rim world mods and enjoy the ultimate fun in it. If you find this blog useful do comment.

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