12+ Best Skyrim Special Edition Mods for your PC

Skyrim an epic fantasy game everyone should explore. Every gamer thought is like to see how the ancient period was and how war has happened. To fulfill the dream Skyrim came into the picture. There are so many games that are similar to the Skyrim but it stands for its own reputation. Dragon age visualization is still nostalgic for so many players. Skyrim will definitely fulfil it.

Top 10 Skyrim Special Edition Mods

To enhance much more epic fun, the Skyrim developers officially released the special edition. In the special edition, you have numerous features and abilities that are freely available. Here comes the role of mod files. Already the exposure and fun reached the peak, just like adding pepper and salt we are having the mods for the Skyrim special edition which will give endless fun.

1. Start a new life – Alternate start

In several cases, mods are useful for the endless fun but sometimes it may hinder the performance. If you are using the mods for Skyrim it will affect the introduction part sequences. Our mod content will interfere with Bethesda’s code which is a heavily scripted part. Here comes our Start a new life mod plays an important role. It provides a skip option, prevents your game from file crashes and also for role-play adventures.

2. Aggressive Engagements – Combat Evolved

For an epic battle game, combat is very much important. In the Skyrim, AI and combat are not that much appreciable. To enhance it we need some mods, Aggressive engagements will help you to perform evolved combats with appropriate rewards. This mod actually works on script-free combat and enhancement of difficulty. This mod will also make the combat crueler and dangerous which will indirectly change every aspect of the combat includes enemy AI.

3. Call Down the Heavens – Apocalypse

Looking for the different magic spells, Call down the Heavens mod will give you 155 new spells. The main feature is these new spells will automatically add to your existing vendors and loot list. Some additional advantages like script bloat for enhanced performance and compatibility with other spell mods. The main ability for the mage builds that should not focus on the demolishment.

4. Restores Content – Cutting room floor

Mods mainly used for the fixation of the bugs in particular apps. In this case, the Restored content mod will add new content and different variety of magic to the game engine and especially restoring the content that Bethesda cut. Using these mods you can restore several quests, NPCs and tricky materials that were created originally but never implemented. In the detailed view, villages that are supposed to exist have been spawned, quests that were implemented partially will be restored using this mod.

5. See where you’re going – A quality World map

Normally, the Skyrim map is a bit good and useful. In the see where you’ are going, developers made some more improvements to get a better quality map. It includes a detailed description of map textures, road completion details. If you are a Skyrim player, you will be familiar with the fast travel option. This mod will not be useful for you. The players who wants to explore the beauties of nature must have this map mod. This mod map will be visualized as the paper-style map.

6. Better UI – Sky UI

For better user-interface, Better UI works perfectly. It is very much worthy to check out now. The exact use of this mod, it will revamp the entire UI and indirectly allow you to navigate for all of your inventory and see more information at a glance.

7. Make Torches Useful – Darker Nights

Some mods we can easily understand its functionality. There may be no need for a description. Make torches useful mod comes under this category. It helps to make the night times of the Skyrim even darker based on the player preference. The darker nights will provide the option of 6 different levels which helps to create the fun-filled experience of ambiance during the late time.

8. Walk-in Wardrobe – immersive armors

Next come to the apparels, Walk-in wardrobe mod provides the immersive armors which will be kitting out your characters to the next level. Several numbers of new items like 55 new armor sets, 396 shields, and a variety of apparels. You can use it to play around the game. Varieties of a set of armor with unique stats are also inculcated into the game through quest rewards and dungeons.

9. Skyrim Never Looked So Good – Enhanced lights and FX

When comes to mod, this feature is very much necessary to improve. Skyrim never looked so good mod will provide the optimum and more dynamic and realistic mood to natures and landscapes available in the Skyrim. It primarily focusses on the light sources, in addition to numerous effects like smoke, volumic lights and so on. If you are interested to experience the true storms, just install the ELFX.

10. Real People – immersive citizens

Looking for the real-world experience, Real people mod will definitely help you in this fact.  Using this you can feel like playing around the place where you are actually living. The AI has been revamped, surrounding concern, complex schedules engagement, occasional outings and different weather interactions with nearby objects.

Final Words

Here we come to the end and you can easily pick out the best one to have fun. The details mentioned above will give you a clear idea to pick the best one. The precise list is given below.

  1. Hilarious Companion – Sofia
  2. Walk-in Wardrobe – immersive armors
  3. Skyrim Never Looked So Good – Enhanced lights and FX
  4. Start a new life – Alternate start
  5. Must-have tool – Skyrim Script extender
  6. Pretty ropes – Static Mesh improvement mod
  7. Call Down the Heavens – Apocalypse
  8. Uncover Hidden secrets – The forgotten city
  9. Better UI – Sky UI
  10. Make Torches Useful – Darker Nights
  11. Restores Content – Cutting room floor
  12. Aggressive Engagements – Combat Evolved
  13. See where you’re going – A quality World map
  14. Real People – immersive citizens


Pick the best Skyrim special edition mods and enjoy the ultimate fun in the game. If you find this blog useful do comment.


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