20 Best Mount & Blade Warband Mods Download [2020]

I guess you really love Warband game, right? Well, who doesn’t. Mount & Blade: Warband is truly the Best RPG released ever. Well, what if I say that there are Warband mods that can make the experience even better.

Yes, and that is what we are going to talk about in this article. This article is a compilation of the best warband mods that you must try out. So without wasting any time, let us directly dive into the list.

Best Warband Mods 2020 [April List]

  1. The Last Days of the Third Age

This is the mod which gives you the chance to play the Tolkien’s The Lord of the Ting novels. You may also get plenty of fun activities and every faction will be easily accessible to you. All the fun games and events will remind you of the Middle earth. The Last Days of the Third Age mod will provide you the best entertainment events with plenty of races, difficult levels, bonuses, and penalties. Here the players can participate in the war as an arc, a man, an Uruk- Hai, a dwarf and much more.

  1. Titan of Braavos

Titan of Braavos means the world of ice and fire. It is the Warband mod and persons who love the game of thrones will really enjoy this mod. You will be able to build up your own house with plenty of creativity. In this mod, the world is full of the traitorous king, treachery, etc.

  1. Mount and Gladius

It is the mod where you can explore the battle against the most barbarous enemies. Mount and Gladius are at the Roman Empire peak. In order to win the battle, you must have a tough legionnaire as your enemies will be stronger. Some other strong enemies you face are The Celts of Britannia, The Germanic Tribes across the Rhine, etc.

  1. Persistent Kingdoms

A persistent world is a basis for the creation of the mod. This mod just improves the game while playing in multiplayer mode. It gives you plenty of new armors and weapons, new scene props, etc. This enhances the quality of life in the game and the graphical quality. It has various sceneries, crafting recipes, and much more entertaining tasks.

  1. Decapitate and Dismember

Using the Decapitate and Dismember mod you will be able to behead your enemies and can see their limbs and head fly off. The major features of this mod are beheading the King Harlous, Looter with a single arm, and chop the farmer.

  1. Floris Evolved

Floris Evolved is the mod with a clump of some interesting new mods. The update of this mod has fixed several bugs. It has added new textures, revamped troop trees, added plenty of items, having several tournament games, and much more.

  1. Bellum Imperii

This Mount & Blade mod has the features of olden African parts, ancient Europe and Asia. The game is based on the events takes place while Marcus Aurelius was Emperor. It has nearly 30 factions with maps of Western Asia, Europe, and North Africa. It has hundreds of new interesting items, new sceneries, and many interesting features.

  1. Brytenwalda

It is one of the best Warband mods which give you the chance to create new and interesting creatures. Brytenwalda has numerous new quests and textures. You will get the extra renown if you won the tournament. Get some new faces in the game; hear the pleasant music, with many fulfilling games. It will present you the maps of Wales, Ireland, Scotland and England. The mod is very easy to use with nearly around 200 new villages, 40 cities which you can take the battle and conquer it under your control.

  1. Bear Force 2

Bear Force 2 is the game with better playstyle where the Star War Universe shooting works together. It is the multiplayer Warband mod with plenty of battle classes. This mod has normal weapons to top range weapons like sniper, jetpack trooper, etc. It is the advanced version of shooter multiplayer Warband. Some fantastic features of this Warband mod are Force Travel, Force Jump, Force Defence, Sith Lightning, etc. It has the ability to sniper zoom, score system, weapon spray and much more.

  1. A Clash of Kings

It is the modified version of A Song of Ice and Fire. This mod gives you all the control over the creation and destiny of the world. You can communicate with plenty of new NPC players and purchase many equip to build you more strong.

20 Top Warband Mods to make the battle better

The list does not end here, as plenty of new mods have been created. As the gaming platform become more developed new and trending mods are being processed based on the taste of the players.

  1. The Last Days of the Third Age
  2. Titan of Braavos
  3. Mount and Gladius
  4. Persistent Kingdoms
  5. Decapitate and Dismember
  6. Floris Evolved
  7. Bellum Imperii
  8. Brytenwalda
  9. Bear Force 2
  10. A Clash of Kings
  11. Full Invasion 2
  12. Sparta
  13. The Last Age
  14. Blood and Steel
  15. Rise of Nightlands Knights
  16. Viking Conquest
  17. Gekokujo
  18. Warsword Conquest
  19. Prophesy of Pendor
  20. 1776 American Revolution

So, these were 20 Best Mount & Blade: Warband Mods that you must try in 2020. If you really love playing this game, do try each mod listed above. I hope you will love it.

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