15 Best Forest Mods Every Gamer Must Explore

If you are the forest game lover then just take a few minutes to know the advancement in this game. You may have played the forest survival game for a long period. From the game, you may have some wish to change or alter some things in the game. And yes, it is possible to do some changes as per your wish in the game using some interesting third party mods. Here I have presented you with some such interesting and useful mods for you to have fun with forest games.

Best 15 Forest Mods in 2020

1. Map

It is the most interesting mod of the Forest survival game. Here you will be able to access your location as well as you can get the path to reach your destinations. It will provide you the location of several cannibals, tools, caves, and much more interesting sites. As it is the multiplayer game this Map also provides you the positions of the other players. This will help you not to be lost in the massive forest.

2. Bigger Backpack

In real you will definitely have a backpack while going to trekking or some camps. In the same way, you will get a tool can Bigger Backpack from this mod to carry your things and medicines. As you will be in the mid of Cannibals and mutants definitely you will need medicine to take care of yourself. This will also allow you to carry infinite items by giving the input as 0. You can also completely free your backpack by giving the input as -1.

3.  Full Inventory

If you are the one who wants more stuff during your journey in the forest then immediately install this Forest mod Full inventory. It rewards and surprises you with plenty of things like thingamabobs, whozits, and much more. The items you get through this mod will be quite interesting to have fun in the forest. Do try this mod soon.

4. Player Upgrade Points

Upgrade your game with different interesting levels using the Player Upgrade point’s mod. Include the RPG as the spices into the game. Try out to reach a higher level and compete with your friends. Gain more stamina, strength by going into next and next levels. If you are reaching higher levels using this mod many features like damage reduction and agility will be added.

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5.      Ultimate Cheat Menu

Every gamer may try out some crazy things while they get bored by playing the same game for a long time. If you are the one searching for such cheat and tricks in the forest survival game then install the Ultimate Cheat menu mod. You can cheat and earn more cannibals and mutants. Escape from the enemies by making yourself invisible and enter into the Godmode to take control by yourself. It is the mod which gives you lots of fun after gaining experience in it.

6.      Easy Building

It is one of the best and most interesting mods in the forest survival game. Here you must to put all your power to cut the logs and design your own buildings to survive. You will get the chance to prove your creativity by creating your own house in the forest.

7.      Day22 Spawn Change

Choose your platform as a battlefield or a peaceful place to have fun in the game. You can adjust the spawn rate to maximum and minimum. If you are choosing the maximum one then you just can go through a bloodbath full of war. You can also set the spawn rate to zero and do only camping and easy construction using this mod. Day 22 Spawn Change is one of the best and most preferred Forest mods to try at least once.

8.      Tree Respawn

Tree Respawn allows you to respawn 10% in a night. If you are increasing the amount of building you might lose more trees and this respawn option will help you to overcome this problem.

9. Damage Numbers

You will get the list of the damaged and healthy cannibals you deal with. Damage numbers are the best forest mods which work well with the Upgrade point’s mod. The name of the cannibals will give you the information you need and also determine your rate of survival.

10. Tides

This mod makes your game interesting by adding some oceans, tides, waves, and water. You can explore the beach in the forest with high and low tides. Enjoy the forest survival with a fun-filled environment. The water level rises at one time and it changes at another time. Tide simulation makes the game into another level.

Final Words

Here we came to the end of the blog with plenty of ideas about the forest mods. You may have now decided which to select and play an interesting forest survival game with your friends. The list provided by us will definitely fulfill your game interest and save your time. Here is the complete list with some additions.

  1. Map
  2. Bigger Backpack
  3. Full Inventory
  4. Player Upgrade Points
  5. Ultimate Cheat Menu
  6. Easy Building
  7. Day22 Spawn Change
  8. Tree Respawn
  9. Damage Numbers
  10. Tides
  11. In-Game Crosshairs
  12. Longer Days and Nights
  13. Infinite Ziplines
  14. Better Blueprints
  15. Skip Plane Crash

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I think I have covered most of the interesting mods of the forest survival. These mods are more necessary to keep your game interesting for a long time. Get many interesting updates on man simulation games here. Forest survival is one of the most interesting and adventures game you must try with these mods. If you find this blog useful do comment and pick the best mods suits your taste.

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