Best Oblivion Mods for PC Gamers – 2020 Updated list

Oblivion the best RPG game ever existed which provide a vibrant world to explore. The Oblivion gives you the best graphics and powerful platform to explore the world full of challenges. Reach the high intensity of the game by using several interesting magical mods. Thousands of mods are available online to reveal the major surprises of Oblivion. We have picked up some most preferable and trending mods to create a massive world with unique features and quests.

Here we display top 20 best Oblivion mods which PC gamers must download to enjoy the game.

20 Oblivion Mods in 2020:

  1. The Unofficial Oblivion Patch

One of the best and first mod every Oblivion players must install. It has the ability to fix around 1,800 bugs available in the game. Unofficial Oblivion Patch fixes out the errors from the small animation glitches to great twitchy animations. This mod reduces the difficulties in floating rocks, see-through wells, etc. It is the unofficial patch which is available only for PC players.

  1. Character Overhaul

Using the Character Overhaul version in Oblivion one can manage and change the character appearance. Add new shapes, hairstyle, skin texture, eye color and much more facial and appearance features to your character using this mod. It has character makeup for all races from Dremoras to Shivering Isles. A must try mod to make the game more interesting and colorful.

  1. Oblivion Script Extender

Oblivion Script Extender places one of the top rankings in Oblivion mods list. Its role in the game is to expand the scripting capability. This mod does not affect any of the files available in the game so it is easy to install and use.

  1. Oblivion Stutter Remover

It is one of the most useful and must available mod for all Oblivion players. Stutter Remover removes all the bugs and improves the performance of the game. The most important features available in this mod are Heap Replacement, Fast Exit, and fps management tools.

  1. Oscuro’s Oblivion Overhaul

Oscuro’s Overhaul will change your gaming experience by providing you an amazing level of setup in the game. In regular Oblivion without this mod, you will only face the same type of challenges in all the levels. But in this case, you will get the chance to experience much different and better battles and obstacles which makes the game more interesting. Experience dangerous battles in different areas with heavy wild attacks. Get many weapons to tackle the attacks which you experience throughout the game.

  1. Oblivion Graphics Extender

Graphics Extender is the one which helps all Oblivion players to improve the efficiency of the graphics of the game. New graphics effects will be shown in the game and this useful mod was brought to you by Timeslip. Using this mod you can get the information about the graphics memory and it gives great screen resolution along with fullscreen shaders.

  1. Blockhead

It is one of the best Mods of Oblivion. Here you will get unrestricted usage of camera movement. The player can override the animations, head and body assets of NPC. You can achieve the Tidyman’s carpet and much more wonderful features.

  1. Midas Magic Spells of Aurum

Magic Spell of Aurum is the most interesting mod in Oblivion where you will get the access of many magical spells to play. These magical spells will help you out in many critical situations. You can almost buy nearly 300 spells which have to power to protect you with the ring of fire, spray, etc. You can also call for help using some powerful magical spell where you can get magic carpet. Attack your enemy with some projectile spells which leads you to reach your target.

  1. The Lost Spires

Reveal the secret mysteries achieved by ancient Tamriel with the help of Archeology Guild. The most amazing features of Lost Spires are retextured creatures, Functional Beartrap, two new cave retextures, new creature’s invention, plenty of displayable ancient items, etc.

  1. Natural Environment

The next topmost Oblivion mod is Natural Environment which gives the options to improve the surrounding environment in the game. The mod includes various new species of birds, plants, insects, and other natural sceneries. It has plenty of weather types and different wildlife environment. Enhance the beauty of nature with mind-blowing natural sceneries, opaque water surfaces, etc. Have a great environment throughout the game.

  1. Unique Landscapes

Unique Landscapes is one of the mods which provides you the option to change the Cyrodiil locations into handcrafted views. Each player can design the game landscapes according to your creative thinking. When this mod combines with Natural Environment it works better to create a nice environment to play.

Top 20 Best Mods of Oblivion

The best list is here which gives you a better experience in the Oblivion. First, download the most important and mods that give you a better interface to play and improves the platform of the game. Next when you are completely in the game download some interesting mods which give you the most amazing and interesting levels and experience in the game.

  1. The Unofficial Oblivion Patch
  2. Character Overhaul
  3. Oblivion Script Extender
  4. Oblivion Stutter Remover
  5. Oscuro’s Oblivion Overhaul
  6. Oblivion Graphics Extender
  7. Blockhead
  8. Midas Magic Spells of Aurum
  9. Unique Landscapes
  10. The Lost Spires
  11. Natural Environment
  12. Oblivion XP
  13. Oblivion Mod Manager
  14. Francesco’s Leveled Creatures and Items Mod
  15. Enhanced Camera
  16. DarNified UI
  17. Lost Paladins of the Divines
  18. Deadly Reflex
  19. Sound Sets
  20. Level Uncapper

Finally, here we come to the end where the best list of Oblivion mods are shortlisted for your better experience with the Oblivion in PC.

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