17 Best Indie Games Every Gamer Must Play in 2020

Independent game development is a kind of art. They are not having any limitations for their imagination to explore. Eventually, they are having more desire to create innovative ideas into reality by creating it as a game. Indie games development person perception of thinking and imagining totally differs from the normal genres followed by the mainstream game developers. They gave so many hits even the bigger studios have not done.

Best Indie Games in 2020

More professional gamers are a very big fan of the indie games because they never follow the usual pattern or common theme for a game. The indie games will make a person think in a different aspect and also make him more innovative. There are lots and lots of indie games available, in this blog we have reviewed some of the indie games and their attractable features.

1. Into The Breach

If you are a big fan of commando based gaming, here is the chance for you to explore even more. Into the breach is the time travel based game, the main objective of the gamer is to save humanity from the crisis by the insect-like Vek creatures. While initiating the game, the grid map will appear, you have to assemble your defense and ready to do damage and beat up the vek creatures and send them into the ocean. It is very much interesting and fun-loving. Each stage has several turns but only the main objective is to survive and save humanity.

2. Moon Lighter

Moon lighter is the town management based Indie game which is very much preferable for the players who wish to build their own city and run a shop, wares and so on. You need to maintain an inventory-based stock market and build your defense to product your own wealth as well as to raid and loot the opponents.  You can upgrade your shop, craft different weapons from the blacksmith and extend the town area through upgrades. It is very much engaging management based as well as a dungeon crawler game. No other game has this type of combinative innovation.

3. Darkest Dungeon                                               

Here is the darkest dungeon which helps to get relied on post-traumatic stress disorder. The central theme of the game is about fighting with the cruel monsters which are the inheritor of an old estate. The player has to equip their heroes to fight with the monster and collecting the resources and build your home base. For the additional experience, they have included the combat mode, you have to line up and position your heroes based on their and ability.

4. Pyre

Pyre, a novel idealistic action game. The storyline is quite difference combination but which was worked unbelievably. The whole scenario of the game is traveling in the purgatory which is named as a downside in the game. The player’s role is to link up with the other folks and travel along with most dreamy and mystical lands for the hope obtainment. After that, you will be directly allowed to return to your commonwealth state. The uniqueness of the game is its artwork and dimension allocation and the combat style. Pyre with an orb will help to rejuvenate. It comes under the genre of supergiant games.

5. Crypt of Necrodancer

The true effort of independent game development can be seen in this Crypt of Necrodancer. The unusual combination of Roughness and sound movement made the game more interesting. But it is the essential character for the fun lovers. The players have to collect the treasure and escape from the traps and fight with the enemies. The unusual combination worked here if you want to kill the enemies, you have to move based on the soundtrack as the enemies following. Each stage having different sound rhythm and different levels of enemies moving pattern which is quite unique and impressing among all other indie games.

6. Papers, Please

Ambition based gaming, Bit kind of role-playing but more interesting. In Papers, please you have to play as an immigration officer at the border crossing that’s based on East and West Berlin. It is an exact form of reality gaming. Your role is to check all the documents and set of rules and to decide if you should let the person in or turn them away. As you play the game you will get creep into it which will give you a feel like people are surrounding you and asking questions.

7. Spelunky

Spelunky is a very old rouge-like platform based game and still recommended for the best indie game. It is the very much mastered platform based game. Each and every level is customized likely underground mine levels, the forest, and the open ice levels. While passing the east way you have to collect the gold for another moment. Each time the environment changes so, obviously you will learn something new so have to apply your knowledge to endure it as well adapted for it.

8. Celeste

Superficially this game is about character Madeline’s journey to the top of the Celeste mountain. It is a puzzle-platformer game. Reality-based gaming, what are all the emotional struggles, the cast of the characters facing along the way to climb the mountain. The levels are tremendously creative and challenging even the hazards thrown in between which will make her slow down her process. Simple compact and adventure game everyone can play.

9. Tacoma

This Tacoma game was well known for the indie studio narration novelty. In this game, their novelty reached space for the sci-fi adventure. This game builds the whole galaxy in a brilliant display like world-building. The game will start at 2088, you are assigned as an Amy Ferrier, a contractor whose task is to find what happened on the station of Tacoma and neighboring contractor who worked on the ship. It is excellent pacing and a lot of secrets, the players have AR recordings for the story to lead up. This game will lead you to be more addictive.

 10. Katana Zero

Here comes the live-action game, martial arts-based gaming. Katana Zero is a fast stylish action game. It is very much attractive for the stealth game lovers along with overarching puzzle loop. You are a samurai, you can perform all your dash slash and dodge move with your katana blade feel like a real fight. The main trick is to discover the ideal order for clearing all the stages in this magnificent side-scrolling feat. The storyline not old like the art, it is very much advanced and impressive.

Lump-sum of Best 17 Indie Games

Here we come to the end and you can easily pick out the best one to have fun. The details mentioned above will give you a clear idea to pick the best one. The precise list is given below.

  1. Dead Cells
  2. My friend Pedro
  3. Subnautica
  4. Devil Daggers
  5. Steamworld Dig
  6. Rain World
  7. Frost Punk
  8. Katana Zero
  9. Tacoma
  10. Celeste
  11. Spelunky
  12. Papers, Please
  13. Crypt of Necrodancer
  14. Pyre
  15. Darkest Dungeon
  16. Moon Lighter
  17. Into The Breach

Pick the best indie game and enjoy the ultimate fun in the game. If you find this blog useful do comment.

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