Is It Possible to Get CompTIA A+ Certification Using Examsnap Exam Dumps Only?

CompTIA A+ is one of the popular options among the candidates who want to prove that their knowledge of today’s core technologies and features of the industry is deep enough to support them. From security and Cloud to data management and more, this certification is an ideal prove of your level of expertise in all these technologies.

If you hold the A+ Practice Test , this means that you have passed two exams it includes. The Core 1 and Core 2 tests, which are also known as 220-1001 and 220-1002, evaluate your skills required for the sector. They measure your knowledge of device operating systems configuration, support of basic IT infrastructure and networking, as well as implementation of recovery methods and basic data backup.

To complete these 90-minute exams, you need to have a good understanding of the topics. That is why it is important to put all your efforts into the preparation phase and use the relevant study materials. To be sure that you get the passing score, the vendor offers to use some of the following training options, depending on your style of learning:

  • Study Guides

All the guides provided by the vendor are available in the print and eBook formats. They are packed with the informative and engaging content tied to the exam objectives, which means that you will be able to learn all the necessary details. There is the official guide for each test and you can buy it right at the CompTIA store.

  • Video Tutorials

All the videos are moderated by the experts and presented in partnership with ITProTV. There are more than 50 hours of training with the fully searchable course transcriptions. The videos cover the topics of the certification exams and you can use them with other prep resources.

  • Instructor-Led Training Courses

If you want to learn the topics with the help of a certified expert who will lead you through the whole course, you can go for the instructor-led training options. These courses are available for taking in a . You can also consider taking them along or while being a part of a team.

  • eLearning

This option includes the self-study materials and is also known as CertMaster Learn. It contains the performance-based questions, videos, flashcards, instructional lessons with assessments, and more. You can visit the CompTIA store to buy an individual license for both the exams and get these helpful materials.


CompTIA provides the interested candidates with a huge amount of training options, which gives them the opportunity to develop their own combination of resources. You can choose the tools that you prefer and even add some of those that are available on the third-party sources. The key task is to create a plan and follow it while utilizing the options you chose. If they are relevant to the topics that are included in the exams, they will help you for sure. So, make your choice and pass the CompTIA tests with flying colours.

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