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Clash of Magic APK is a custom server of Clash of Clans, the widely popular mobile game. The application was developed by a third-party developer in the year 2015. The APK includes more notable features than the original version of Clash of Clans. The APK can be stated as almost same as Clash of Clans but has some real advantages over the original version. 

Pretty cute healers, dangerous witches, awesome wizards, fire breathing dragons, and much more. You can get them all here in Clash of magic, but with a twist. Well, there are many servers available that can help you with similar kinds of stuff to Clash of Magic, but this APK brings out the best possible!

What is Clash of Magic APK?

  The Clash of Magic APK is very similar to Clash of Clans. No matter what you are talking about, be it the training, upgrading, goblin stages or 1v1 attacks, this game has it all similar to Clash of Clan. But then, what sets Clash of Magic apart is that its fast, lag less, and way more stable. Clash of Magic is a custom server, controlled by a team of third-party developers. The server includes many more features which is worth your notice. You can get an overview of all of them in the later parts of the post.

Clash of Magic APK Key Features

  What makes Clash of Magic valuable is that it has almost all the best features that are available to all other mods available on the internet. SO, you can safely say that Clash of Magic happens to be the best among the lot. Here, we would like to list the features of Clash of Magic:

  • Unlimited gold, elixirs, dark elixirs: You have all the resources that you might have ever needed. So no worries of being defeated. Do you think you can’t be defeated in the game? Well, check out for yourself then!
  • Unlimited gems: Clash of Magic comes with unlimited gems. This means that you have access to unlimited upgrades in the shortest period.  

  • High-speed, anti-lag server: Clash of Magic APK is a custom server that includes an extensive database of fast storage, fast internet and high-speed computers. Thus, this would allow you to enjoy the game anywhere and everywhere that you might ever want to. 
  • Regular updates in weeks and months: Yes, you read it right. Although Clash of Magic is a third-party app, it is regularly updated to keep it at sync with the Clash of Clan original version. So, Clash of Magic has to periodically updates itself. Sometimes, this update is within a few weeks of a few months. 
  • Anti-ban and anti buggy: Third-party developers have developed Clash of Magic, and they make sure that you have no pain when it comes to gaming. Thus, you would not have any ban or any headache if you start playing this game.
  • One elixir, dark elixir and gold upgrades: Clash of Magic APK supports upgrades with one single resource. That means you can now have your heroes, buildings and troops upgraded with a unique resource. Also, since you do have unlimited resources, there is no way you would have to wait for the upgrades. 

  • The unique ability of Air sweeper: The air sweepers of Clash of Magic supports a 360 degrees rotation. This makes air raids almost impossible for anyone who attacks your base. But remember, it works the same for all. So when you attack. Keep this in mind. 
  • All goblin stages and 1v1 battle available: Clash of Magic has cloned it all. Be it the single-player goblin stages or be the multiplayer 1v1, they have it all unlike various other APK of their type. 
  • Compatibility: Clash of Magic APK is compatible with every android device you can think of. Thus, if you wish to play the game, do not worry about the android device you are using. This game will support it.

Clash of Magic APK Download (Latest Version)

If you are looking to download the latest APK of Clash of Magic, then we have it right here for you. Do not wait longer; click on the link and download the latest version.


How to install and use Clash of Magic APK?

After downloading Clash of Magic, to check out the download, you can go to the device storage, then click on downloads. You should be able to see Clash of Magic APK available there. 

Since the Clash of Magic is developed by third-party developers, you must enable installation from unknown sources. However, please don’t worry; it would not harm your device! Once you are done with this, click on install and the installation will start. 

 Once you have completed this, your device is ready to launch Clash of Magic!

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