How to Bypass Surveys for Free?

This might have surely happened with you that you tried to download a file or watch an online movie but an annoying Online Survey popped up in the way and it ruined all your time now you have to complete the survey or else you can’t continue. And after the completion of the survey you get nothing and you cannot do anything but cursing that website for wasting your precious time. You are here to find How to Bypass Surveys To Download Files or just proceed further on a website? Need not to worry, we have a solution here.

Online surveys are a method for those websites to earn some money. You must have noticed that it is very rare to find anything that you need even after completion of the survey. Online Surveys also include unbelievable offers for some latest Smartphone or Coupons which are worth hundreds or thousands for any MNC’s, etc. They even ask you to enter your personal information like E-mail, contact number, etc and in the end their spam is the only thing that you receive.

Tricks on How to Bypass Surveys:

There are many ways out there to bypass surveys but we will only list the working ones here in our list.

Note: 90% of sites don’t give any file after a survey completion. So, if you see a survey on a site, it is surely fake. 

1. Using ScriptSafe on Chrome

  1. Open Google Chrome on your computer.ScriptSafe survey bypass
  2. Go to chrome web store and search for ScriptSafe in the search box.
  3. Or just click here in your chrome browser.Survey Bypass
  4. Click the “Add to chrome” button.ScriptSafe extension
  5. A pop up will appear asking for permission to add the extension to chrome. Click on “Add extension” to add it to your Google chrome.ScripfSafe Chrome
  6. Now try visiting a website that shows surveys. The survey will be blocked by ScriptSafe.

This is the easiest way to bypass surveys. You only have to add the extension to your Google Chrome. The extension will do the rest of the work for you.

2. Extracting Links From the Site

In this method we extract the hidden links in the website’s source code by using our technical skills and some developer tools which are already installed in Google Chrome.

    1. Open Google Chrome. We will be needing Google Chrome as it’s developer tools scan the website and search for potential links for your particular file allowing you to access it without the need of completing the survey.Google Chrome
    2. Go to the survey website from where you want to download the file.
    3. Click on the 3 dots on the upper right corner of the screen.Survey Bypass
    4. Hover your mouse on  the more tools tab, a new tab will open.
    5. Click on developer tools from there.
    6. Or simple press CTRL+SHIFT+I to open developer tools directly.console survey bypass
    7. Go to the console tab and paste the URL retrieval code there and hit ENTER.
      urls = $$('a'); for (url in urls) console.log ( urls[url].href );link reveal code
    8. After running the command, you will see a list which will have all of the links on that particular website. If the download link or page you need is on the site, you will have it’s access now. You only need to click on the correct link.survey bypass links revealed


  • This method only works if the link to the download or site you need and the survey are on the same page.
  • Links ending in .js or .css are not download links. These should be ignored.

3. Using a Survey Removal Bookmarklet.

Install XJZ Survey Remover bookmarklet. It is a book-mark-able link that you can save in your bookmarks bar. While visiting a site with a survey, you just need to click the bookmark and it will attempt to remove the survey for you. Following the steps stated below.

  1. Click here to go to the XJZ Survey Remover’s developer’s website.
  2. After opening the developer’s website, bookmark the website by clicking on the star on the right side of the screen in most of the web browsers.XYJ Survey Remover
  3. When visiting a website with survey, just click on the bookmark you saved earlier. The website will start to reorganize, and will only show you the content for which you came to that website.survey bypassbypass survey
  4. XJZ Survey Remover also has an extension which you can install on your browser to help you Bypass surveys easily.

Note : This method only works if the website really has some content. It will be of no help if the website has no content and is just there to waste your time. It would also not be able to help you if the Online Survey is compulsory to be completed for reaching to the desired content.

4. Using NoScript on Firefox

  1. Open FireFox on your computer. The NoScript plugin only works on firefox.
  2. Search for NoScript in the search bar or just click here to open it.survey bypass noscript firefox
  3. You will see an install button on the left hand side of the screen. Click on it to install the NoScript plugin on your firefox.survey bypass noscript firefox
  4. A pop up will appear asking for permission to install NoScript on your browser click on “Add to Firefox” to add it.
  5. You will need to restart your browser for the plugin to start functioning. Do it when prompted.
  6. Now visit any website which asks you to complete a survey. The plugin will block it and you won’t be getting a single hint of it’s existence.

5. Using the Element Inspector

This method does not need you do add any bookmark or extension or add-on to your browser. This method uses a built-in feature of most of the major browsers [ INSPECT ELEMENT ].

  1. Start your web browser.
  2. Go to the website whose survey you want to bypass.
  3. Open the element inspector by hitting F12 key.
  4. Hover the cursor of your mouse on each line of code in the element inspector and wait for the survey box to get highlighted in the main window.
  5. Once you find the specific line of code delete it by pressing the delete button on your keyboard or right click on it and click on “delete node”.
  6. There is a transparent screen on the page, which prevents you from accessing the page. Now you have to delete the code for that screen.
  7. When hovering on a line of code if the whole page highlights, it is the code for the transparent screen. Delete that code and your page will become accessible.

Irritating Surveys Final Verdict

I hope you were successful in  surveys to your desired download files and unlock the content which you wished for using the methods listed by us. If you were not successful then we suggest you to continue searching for your desired file on some other website which does not have an Online survey.

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