How to Download Clips from Twitch in High Quality

We all know about twitch, don’t we ? It is one of the most popular game content streaming and watching platform online. While one may argue that it’s the biggest game streaming service out there, all we know that it is pretty huge. And it has a lot of viewer base. But twitch apparently doesn’t have the option to download the stream. Sounds very basic, just download the stream, that’s it. But no, there is no such “download the stream in a click” kind of button on twitch. Don’t worry, we have got you covered today ! In this guide we will show you how you can download clips from twitch website directly on your local storage.

 We will not be creating some “click to download buttons” but what we be using is sure to get the job done for you. And oh, in high quality. Can’t overlook that one !

Did you know ?

As of May 2018, twitch had 2.2 million broadcasters monthly and 15 million daily active users, with around a million average concurrent users. Furthermore, it had over 27,000 twitch partner channels

Why twitch doesn’t have “download” buttons

If you just care for the method, it’s mentioned just below, skip this text. But if you are curious, which you should be, then read on ! You see , game content streaming services like twitch ( and you tube for that matter ) generate their revenue by showing ads on the website when you visit them. Think like that, if you were magically able to just download all the videos you like , how would they generate revenue ? This is only part of the reason why. There are other big reasons as well.

Enough talking though. Lets get right into business and show you how you can download game clips from twitch directly.

Actually what we will be doing is using online parsers that convert the video online and allow you to download content from there. Here are the easy steps to do that.

How to Download clips from twitch

Just follow the given steps and you will be able to download Twitch clips in HD quality.

step 1 : Open twitch and open your favorite channel

The first thing to do is to fire up the twitch website ( which you can open from here ). Once you open and load your favorite game or channel information you should look like this. Here we have opened up chocotaco’s stream . He is a very popular PUBG streamer.


Step 2 : Using a online parser

A parser just needs a link to some video and it converts it into downloadable media. The media can be mp3 or mp4 or other formats. The link can be from any streaming service, example being twitch itself ( also youtube ).

We will be using an online parser called clipr ( pronounced as clipper ).

It is very easy to use. Just go to clipr website and you will be greeted with this screen.

Step 3 : Get the video link and paste it into clipr

To get the video link,

  • Go back to your twitch page
  • Click and copy the link in the browser’s address bar
  • Once the link is copied , go back to clipr page
  • Paste the copied link in the text area and click the button

If you got the above steps right, you should see something like that now

The download button is there ! Finally , we know you were waiting for that button. It’s never been so simpler to do stuff. But now you can. Now you know how to download twitch clips from your favorite players in your downloads folder . Cool !

Do we end right here ? Actually not. There is a little thing that you must know. You know what’s the even easier method to download the same clip ? Yes , even simpler. Just read on.

Alternate method to download game clips from twitch

You will surely like this one. Some steps are similar to the previous method.

  • Just open the twitch website and search for your favorite game or clip
  • Make sure you can see the video link in the top address bar of your browser

  • We need to replace the link now

We will replace the “” path to “” and click enter. Here is another picture of what your final stage should look like

  • Once you reach here, just click enter
  • Magic just happened !

You were taken to the same clipr web page that we mentioned above. But this time we did not copy any links or did copy pasting or stuff. Plain and simple trick right there !

Note that doing the link copying thing and this will perform the same action. It just boils down to personal preference. We had to mention the method. Anyways now you should look like this

  • And now you can see the click to download button as you wished
  • Just click on it to start your downloading.
  • To check the video , go to your downloads folder ( or where ever you save your downloads )
  • And that’s it.


You have now reached the end of this tutorial on how to download game clips from twitch. We have used online parsing tool called clipr which is a plain , simple, no non sense tool that is quite popular for downloading twitch streams. And oh , it works for youtube as well. Got any videos you like from youtube ? Just get the link and put it in the clipr text area just as we did above. It’s super easy.

Hope you liked this guide. Be sure to comment your own methods down in the comment area. And as always, cheers and peace : )

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