How Can SY0-601 Certification Exam Catapult Your Cybersecurity Career?

If you are just thinking about starting your IT career, it is recommended that you get at least one certification from a reliable vendor. When the employers see a certified applicant, the chances that they will hire this particular person are increasing. This is because being certified shows that you are serious about your professional development and committed to improving your skills. There are quite a few certification providers for you to choose from and one of the most popular names among them is CompTIA.

CompTIA offers a plethora of credentials for the specialists in various branches of the industry. For instance, the Security+ certification is designed for those who want to pursue an IT security career. To earn this badge, the candidates need to take a single exam, known as CompTIA SY0-601. Here we will discuss the details of this test, how to prepare for it, and what it entails when your professional growth is concerned.

Exam Outline

The predecessor of CompTIA SY0-601 is SY0-501 but this version is going to retire in 2021. So, we will only focus on the new exam and there are a few key things that you should know about it. For starters, the test is 90 minutes long, and within this allocated time, the students will have to answer 90 questions. You can probably see that you will only have 1 minute to answer each question and that is why it is important to keep an eye on the clock when sitting for the exam. The minimum passing score is 750 out of 900 points and the topics included in this certification test are as follows:

  • Implementation
  • Architecture and Design
  • Operations and Incident Response
  • Governance, Risk, and Compliance
  • Attacks, Threats, and Vulnerabilities

The CompTIA Security+ certification is in great demand among the IT practitioners, so you will easily find numerous resources to help you with exam preparation. If you lack time to study for the test, using exam dumps will be an ideal option for you. Braindumps contain the real questions shared by the previous test takers and the ready-made answers verified by the IT experts. This enables you to cover the whole exam content in a short period of time. After studying with dumps, you can take some practice tests to check your current level of knowledge. Additionally, you can supplement your preparation process with the training tools offered by CompTIA. They include study guides, training videos, instructor-led courses, virtual labs, and more. Visit the official webpage to browse all the learning opportunities.

Key Benefits

Earning the Exam-Labs CompTIA Security+ SY0-601 certification can be difficult and only those who know the backwards and forwards of the field are able to ace the SY0-601 exam. Having this credential under your belt demonstrates that you have comprehensive expertise to hold cybersecurity positions and come with the promising potential as a professional. The IT employers always give preference to the certified specialists over their non-certified peers as the former inspire more confidence. Once you obtain this certificate, you can apply for many attractive jobs and negotiate a much higher salary.


These were the main things that you should know about the CompTIA SY0-601 exam. Anyone who is willing to take this test should first make sure that they already have some knowledge of networking and network security. Without knowing these basics, the test would be hard to crack. But the benefits that completing this certification exam brings worth every effort that you put into your study. So, develop your competency and embark on the journey to a successful career in cybersecurity with this test for the CompTIA Security+ credential.

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