[FIXED] Blizzard Battle.net Doesn’t Open or Launch

Blizzard Entertainment is a US based game development company, based in California. They are a subsidiary of activision games. Blizzard battle.net is a desktop application by blizzard. It helps users to perform various tasks with blizzard games. These tasks include updating the game, applying patches, optimizing game performance and others. While this application is a true go-to for any player who plays blizzard games ( such as Overwatch ), the blizzard battle.net doesn’t open in some cases. But don’t worry, we are here to fix just that. Let us see what could cause blizzard battle.net to not work.

Why won’t blizzard battle.net run on my PC ?

Sometimes blizzard battle.net doesn’t open or gets stuck in the middle of the loading. This is quite annoying ! This could have something to do with battle.net folder cache, any proxies set up in your firewall. It also maybe the case if the blizzard battle.net requires to be updated. Behind the scenes, the battle.net runs a program which is aptly named as agent. This program is responsible for user login, downloading patches and game updates. Anything wrong with the battle.net app are signs of the agent service not working properly. Here are some fixes that you can use to fix Blizzard battle.net not opening issues.

1. Try connecting to a wired connection or Ethernet

Wireless connections like wifi or cellular, are frankly put, not reliable. They are good in on-the-go kind of computing. But gaming demands some serious internet juice ! It needs the juice that only wired connections can provide. Try connecting to high speed cable based connection and retry running the blizzard battle.net. If this fixes the issue for you, that’s great ! If it’s not solved, then read on.

2. Restart your computer to fix battle.net not opening

We know that the first line in literally every troubleshooting guide suggests a restart, but it’s for good reason. Restart is different from shutdowns. When we restart, all services are loaded again into the memory from the ground up. This should also cause the agent service of the battle.net to load its files all over and fortunately gets it up and running. If the agent is back running smoothly, you can now use the battle.net application without any issues.

3. Making sure that “secondary logon service” is running

The blizzard battle.net app requires a widows service  to be running which is called “secondary logon” . We have to make sure that this is running. To check that,

  • Type win+R from anywhere in the PC
  •  Then type services.msc in the run menu that appears
  • This will open for you the services menu
  • Search for the service named as “secondary logon”

  • Click properties
  • Set the startup to automatic

This service (Secondary Logon) allows administrators to log on with a non-administrator account to perform administrative tasks without logging off. The Secondary Logon service must be running for Blizzard games to install and run.

Once you save the settings, you must now restart your computer for the changes to take effect. Once your PC posts, try running the battle.net client and see if the battle.net not opening issue goes away.

4. Disable your anti-virus

Your anti-virus might be restricting the agent program from connecting to the internet. Try disabling your antivirus and try running the battle.net client again. This time the issue should go away.

5. Deleting blizzard battle.net files

Some files from the blizzard battle.net application might be corrupt. The issues could be fixed by simply deleting those files. We will also be stopping all blizzard related processes. To do that,

  • Open your task manager by clicking ctrl+shift+Esc keys
  • Once there , navigate to the processes tab
  • select all processes related to blizzard
  • click on End task for all of them one by one

Now that the running processes are stopped, lets proceed further

  • Open the run window by typing win+R from anywhere
  • Once opened, type in C:\ProgramData\ into the run menu and click enter
  • Delete the battle.net folder
  • Run the battle.net app again to see if the issue goes away

It is possible for the battle.net to forget older locations of your games now. For linking the games back, use the locate this game option.

6. Selective startup to fix blizzard battle.net not opening issue

Some startup programs might be interfering with the battle.net application , and not allowing it to do it’s thing. While this is something that developer’s should fix, here’s how you can fix it 🙂

  • Open task manager by clicking ctrl+shift+Esc anywhere on the PC
  • Once there, navigate to the startup apps section.
  • Disable all startup apps. Just leave the audio managers and network services on, rest all disabled.
  • Save your settings and restart the PC

After this step, any startup services that might be interfering with battle.net are now not ! You can ensure that everything is running fine by launching battle.net.

6. Some other tips to fix battle.net not opening issues

If nothing mentioned above fixes your issue, don’t lose hope just yet. We have more tips on how to fix “blizzard battle.net doesn’t open” issues.

  1. Ensure that your browser and flash player programs are up to date. Adobe flash automatically gets updated whenever you update windows. So simply put , keep your windows and apps up to date and you will be good to go.
  2. Disable third party game add-ons. Some add-ons for blizzard games such as add-on manager for world of warcraft, have been known for interfering with agent. Disabling them should set your agent up.
  3. Delete Blizzard battle.net and reinstall . Yes we have to bring this up. The once and for all solution. Just re-install the thing if no method works for you.

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Let us conclude

We have mentioned some free and easy fixes for “blizzard battle.net doesn’t open in windows” above. Hopefully you were able to fix issues with your battle.net agent and now things are working just fine. Feel free to comment down below any other fixes that worked for you and you would like to share. Cheers and peace : D

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