Who Viewed My Instagram Profile? Can We Find Really?

In today’s era where social media has taken all over the world and almost everybody is on these platforms it’s very important to keep a track of your profile and it’s safety. Instagram being a rapidly growing social media platform has a lot of people actively using it. Sometimes people just click upon different profiles to view them. This can make some people a bit uncomfortable about their privacy and security. The question who viewed my Instagram profile might be wandering in your head.

So, today, we will be sharing the real truth by answering questions like;

  1. Can I really know who viewed my Instagram Profile?
  2. How to find who viewed my insta Dp?
  3. Can I find who views my instagram profile daily? Can I find out my Instagram stalkers?
  4. Are there any apps to know who viewed my profile? Are there any tools to my profile viewers?
  5. A few tricks to see who checked your Instagram profile.

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Stop Searching “Who Viewed my Instagram Profile?” [Harsh Truth]

There is no way you can find out exactly who landed upon your profile page, there is no such algorithm or app that lists down all the names of people who have visited your profile.

Instagram has no plans of making this list available to people for privacy concerns, and it’s a good thing too because if this comes out people will start to loose their freedom over social media and will be restricted.

But wait!! You must be wondering how there are so many videos, apps, articles about methods/app to find who viewed your insta profile?

instagram stalker instagram stalkersWell, all those videos and articles are listing fake apps and methods. These fake apps and online sites are just making money for each installs or from advertisements. You end up installing many apps but the truth is, nothing works, Nothing is true.

But WAIT!!!

Don’t be disappointed….

There are a few tricks that can help you find some people who view your profile on Instagram.

How to check who viewed my Instagram?

You landed up here on this page obviously by searching on google, so you might have seen many search results like top 5 free apps to check who viewed you profile, and many other websites that claim to show you the names of people who have viewed your profile.

But trust me THEY ALL ARE FAKE. There is no such way you can find it out by using some app or website. Moreover these fake apps are on play store too, and limit is crossed when they even charge money for showing some random names picked up by them from your profile.

If you are serious about tracking your visitors and checking who viewed your Instagram profile, there are still ways which can give you a rough idea.

Trick 1: Find Your Instagram Profile Viewers by Posting Stories

The best trick is to track the story viewers. If someone is really stalking you, he will never miss a story that you post.

  1. Open Instagram on your phone and open a story that you have uploaded.instagram stories
  2. Swipe up to see who has viewed your story
  3. You’ll see a list of people who have viewed that particular story.instagram story viewers
  4. This won’t give exact names for who has viewed your story but you can still think of it that there might be some people out of all those who have viewed your story might have also viewed your profile through it.

The real is trick is, If you have a public profile the list will also include names of those users too who don’t follow you on Instagram. 

This way you can easily identify random people who are viewing your profile.

Post 2-4 stories for 1-2 weeks regularly and you will easily able to find out random people who always view your Insta story.

Trick 2: Use Instagram Business Account to Track Profile Visitors

Instagram business accounts have small exception though they can also not see who exactly visited their profiles

You can see the number of visitors you had in the past seven days, or how many users saw your posts in their feed.

Checking who viewed your Instagram page will give you an idea about yourselves. For example, if you are a high school student or a teenager, popularity might mean a lot to you. You can see which person from your college or school regularly checks your account. If you don’t have many followers, you might not be popular or you might be a person who wants to stay away from limelight.

So, yes, this method simply tells the number of profile views in the last 7 days. It doesn’t show the name of people who viewed your Instagram profile or photo. 

Trick 3: Analyze Instagram Posts

You can also check up on this by looking at the likes and comments on your photos. Random strangers might always leave a like or a comment on your posts. You can manually analyze the likes of your recent posts to find out people who viewed your insta.

  1. Open your Instagram.
  2. Open any picture that you have uploaded.
  3. Check the list of likes and comments by tapping on the number of likes.
  4. This will also give you an idea about your stalkers

Note: If you have a public profile the list will include names of those users too who have liked your picture but never followed you or who previously used to follow you and liked the picture but now have un-followed you.

Trick 4: Instagram Highlights

Earlier Instagram used to store the names of all the people who have viewed your story. You could check upon the list time to time to look for any increase in number and if you have an exceptional memory or too much free time you could find out who is the new addition in the list.
But according to new policies of Instagram, it has stopped storing the names now. It only saves the number of people who have viewed you story.

So if the number has increased then definitely someone has viewed your profile as Instagram highlights can only be accessed via profile pages.


By following the above listed methods this is the closest you can get to find out about your insta profile/photo stalkers. There is no other way around. But if you want to keep your privacy you can always any-time switch to a private profile instead of a public one. And with the addition of close friends on Instagram you can also limit the number of people to whom your story reaches.

I hope this clears all your doubt about finding who viewed your instagram profile.

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